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FEB 13, 2024

SUI hits new ATH following blockchain academy collaboration

by CoinNess Global

The SUI token has surged to an all-time high (ATH) price after the revelation of the project’s partnership with the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish the AUS-Sui Blockchain Academy.
SUI is the native token of the Sui blockchain, a layer one blockchain network and smart contract platform that’s striving to make digital asset ownership private, secure and accessible.

The AUS-Sui Blockchain Academy

According to a press release published via regional news media outlet Zawya on Monday, the AUS-Sui Blockchain Academy is situated within the multidisciplinary Center of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainable Development, within the AUS. It’s been set out to align with the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability with the objective of fostering responsible and impactful technological advancement relative to blockchain.
The Academy aims to equip the next generation of leaders and innovators with the necessary knowledge to harness Web3 technology so as to address future global challenges. Dr. Greg Siourouni, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the blockchain education initiative, emphasizing its role in advancing Sharjah’s goal of becoming a leading educational and research hub.

Price surge

In response to the announcement, SUI’s token price has surged. While it’s up 4% over the course of the past 24 hours, the token is now standing at a record-high unit price of $1.79 since its launch in May 2023.
The positive momentum in SUI’s price underscores market enthusiasm for the layer-1 blockchain platform’s educational initiatives. However, other in-roads being made by the project may also be playing a role. Last September the project launched zkLogin, a Web3 authentication solution that enables dApp users to login using social media accounts. The following month, the Sui Foundation announced a $50 million ecosystem fund in an effort to bolster growth relative to the Sui network.

AUS and SUI blockchain education initiatives

This latest initiative is part of Sharjah’s vision to position itself as a regional powerhouse for education and research, particularly in the realm of technology and blockchain. It’s not the first blockchain-centric collaboration that the university has engaged in. In June of last year, Dubai-headquartered crypto spot and derivatives trading platform Bybit partnered with AUS to establish a scholarship fund of $272,000. That endeavor is supporting fintech and blockchain studies for the benefit of 20 students.
The Sui Foundation too has established a track record where educational initiatives are concerned. It has previously introduced several programs, including a Web3-focused curriculum at the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at the London Business School. Additionally, it awarded $400,000 in Sui Academic Research Awards (SARAs) to 15 universities worldwide and introduced a Web3 curriculum for high school students.
SUI’s partnership with AUS to establish the AUS-Sui Blockchain Academy reflects its commitment to advancing education and innovation in the blockchain space, while its price surge is suggestive of market optimism for its future endeavors.
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