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FEB 2, 2024

Survey reveals Singaporeans bullish on crypto with 50% adoption

by CoinNess Global

In a recent survey conducted by personal finance management solutions provider Seedly, together with global crypto exchange Coinbase, it was discovered that over 56% of Singaporeans currently own cryptocurrency, with nearly half expressing bullish sentiments regarding its future prospects over the 12 months of this year.

Future of finance

Titled “The Pulse of Crypto Singapore Report,” the study surveyed 2,006 Singaporean adults across various age groups and household incomes from October to November 2023. Survey participants were deemed to be “finance forward Singapore-based adults who have a strong interest in personal finance and investments.”
It determined that 56% of respondents believe cryptocurrency represents the future of finance. Participants cited short-term profitability, long-term capital appreciation and portfolio diversification as key factors driving their optimism.
The report’s authors speculate that this optimism is also due to the city-state’s approach to digital assets and the regulatory framework that has been put in place by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Yeap Ming Feng, head of marketing at Seedly, also attributed the optimism towards crypto to Singapore’s vibrant Web3 ecosystem, which fosters collaboration among builders, investors and users.
When selecting a crypto exchange for trading, crypto owners prioritize security, low fees, regulation and ease of use. Coinbase, one of the report’s facilitators, doubled down on its operations in Singapore in 2023, acquiring a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license from the Singaporean regulator, enabling it to expand its product offering. It extended its offering further last month when it launched USD transfers via SWIFT.
Notably, the survey identified staking as the most prevalent use case for cryptocurrency in the city-state.

Non-crypto user concerns

However, the study unveiled that non-crypto users harbor concerns about market volatility (57%), high risk (53%) and the absence of regulation (45%) in the crypto space. Singapore was disproportionately affected by the demise of a number of crypto platforms in 2022. An outsize number of citizens were caught up in the FTX collapse having utilized that crypto exchange instead of Binance, which had been prohibited from trading within the territory.
Singapore was also home to failed crypto lenders such as Vauld and Hodlnaut, failed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and UST stablecoin developer Terraform Labs. These high-profile crypto failures so close to home are unlikely to have put crypto skeptics at ease in Singapore where the consideration of risk relative to digital assets is concerned. That said, MAS is actively working towards implementing additional rules to safeguard Singaporean investors.
Despite these reservations, the survey underscores a growing interest in and adoption of cryptocurrencies among the financially aware population in Singapore. This trend aligns with Singapore’s commitment to remaining a leader in Asia for crypto readiness and supports the city-state’s vision of becoming a global digital asset hub.
The study also highlighted the progress that the crypto market in general made recently. Over the course of 2023, crypto market capitalization has gained momentum, from $829 billion at the outset of the year, culminating at $1.72 trillion towards the end of the year, according to a report by CoinGekco.
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