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FEB 24, 2024

Swoo Pay partners with Mastercard to target Southeast Asian market

by CoinNess Global

Netherlands-based mobile wallet Swoo Pay has joined forces with global financial giant Mastercard to target the Southeast Asian market, offering crypto cashback on everyday purchases.

Crypto loyalty tokens

The partnership was announced via a press release published on Cointelegraph earlier this week. Through Swoo's platform, users stand to gain crypto rewards, specifically Swoo Loyalty Tokens, for each contactless payment made via the app using digitized Mastercard cards.
The partnership marks yet another step forward in the convergence of traditional financial systems with the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency. It reflects a broader trend among major financial institutions and retailers, who increasingly view cryptocurrency integration as a means to revitalize loyalty programs.
Once users accrue “Tokenback” in the form of Swoo Loyalty Tokens, they have the flexibility to either exchange their rewards for popular cryptocurrencies like USDT or BTC within the Swoo app or convert them into fiat currency through partnering services. As Swoo continues to refine its crypto rewards platform, it will incorporate more Web3 features, further enhancing the utility and value of loyalty tokens within its ecosystem.

Targeting emerging markets

Swoo Pay is targeting emerging markets. Alongside Southeast Asia, that also brings the Middle East region and Africa within the scope of its marketing efforts for this product offering. Emerging markets have long been seen as ideal markets within which to bring about crypto adoption more generally.
The significance of this announcement wasn’t lost on Nicki Sanders, chief technology officer (CTO) with tokenized real estate enterprise, Realio. Taking to social media, Sanders cited crypto adoption as one of three main reasons as to why this partnership could be a game-changer.  
Sanders feels that the nature of the offering will result in crypto adoption as daily crypto use will be boosted. In turn, that will bring digital currencies into the realm of mainstream acceptability.She also feels that the product offering will be significant in terms of financial inclusion as it’s very accessible to underserved communities. Additionally, Sanders identifies the inherent innovation as being likely to result in mass adoption. “Focusing on Android and Huawei users, Swoo Pay navigates around Google service sanctions, offering a fresh pathway to digital payments,” she claims.This partnership builds upon the success of a previous trial campaign dubbed “Super Tokenback with Mastercard.” During the three-week initiative, users enjoyed 5% Tokenback (crypto cashback) on all Mastercard purchases made through Swoo Pay. The results were positive, with over 17,000 participants conducting upwards of 128,000 transactions. Not only did this drive increase card spend, but it also introduced a wave of new consumers to the concept of crypto-backed rewards.
Representatives from Swoo emphasize the seamless integration of crypto into mainstream markets, ensuring compliance with local regulations and simplifying the launch and scalability of marketing campaigns to attract new users.
Conversely, officials from Mastercard underscore the company's commitment to expanding the possibilities of digital payment instruments, prioritizing convenience, technological advancement and security. They highlight the role of Swoo Pay in addressing issues with tokenized payments for Android device users, thereby broadening accessibility to these innovative financial solutions.
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