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JAN 27, 2024

Sygnum plans Asian expansion following $40M fund raise

by CoinNess Global

Switzerland and Singapore-based crypto bank Sygnum has successfully closed a funding round, securing over $40 million in capital, with plans to expand its service offering in Asia.

On the brink of unicorn status

The funding round was achieved based upon a post-money valuation of $900 million, with Sygnum edging closer to unicorn status. Led by global asset management group Azimut Holdings, the funding surpassed the initial target of $35 million, reinforcing Sygnum’s position in the rapidly evolving digital assets space.
In a press release, Mathias Imbach, Sygnum’s co-founder and CEO, expressed excitement about the successful funding round, highlighting the company’s commitment to building trust through regulation and good governance. Imbach stated:
”Our core thesis has always been that Future has Heritage, and our strategy to build trust via regulation and good governance has guided us throughout all market cycles. ”
Gerald Goh, Sygnum’s co-founder and CEO of its Singapore operations, emphasized the importance of staying ahead as clients’ needs and activities grow more sophisticated. The fresh funds will enable Sygnum to continuously upgrade and enhance its product and service offerings in response to evolving market demands.

Asian focus

The funds raised in this round will be instrumental in expanding Sygnum’s geographical reach into new markets in 2024, within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region as well as within the European Union.
Sygnum has already made in-roads in Asia. Having started out in Switzerland, in 2019 the company set up a base in Singapore, establishing Sygnum Singapore and obtained a capital markets license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Last June, the firm achieved in-principle approval for a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license from MAS. It fulfilled the regulator’s requirements to bring about full approval in October.
Goh told Bloomberg that the company envisages achieving growth in Asia and Europe through acquisition.

Developing fully regulated products

This latest capital injection has also been earmarked to accelerate the development of fully regulated products, including the bank-to-bank platform that currently powers crypto offerings for more than 15 banks and financial institutions worldwide.
Sygnum’s assets under management have surged to $4 billion, with a client base exceeding 1,700 from over 60 countries. At the end of 2023, the firm reported an annualized revenue run rate (ARRR) exceeding $100 million, marking a significant milestone for the company’s financial health and positive cash flow.
Sygnum’s expansion efforts include collaborations with key players in the industry. In November, the bank furthered its partnership with the Singapore arm of 174-year-old private bank Bordier & Cie, strengthening their initial collaboration that started in Geneva in 2021.
Giorgio Medda, CEO of Azimut Holding, highlighted the strategic partnership between Azimut and Sygnum since 2021, emphasizing their joint development of the first tokenization of a private credit portfolio in Europe.
Despite the recent challenges in the crypto industry, Sygnum remains optimistic about the future. The broader industry is witnessing a resurgence, with investors and market participants seeking partnerships with trusted and well-managed financial institutions. This sentiment aligns with Sygnum’s vision to provide fully regulated solutions and support investors as they increase exposure to the asset class.
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