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DEC 29, 2023

Token pre-sale for Web3 mental health dApp sells out in nine hours

by CoinNess Global

The official token pre-sale for Bit of Mind — a project operated by Singapore-based DAO company investor K Stadium to launch a Web3-based AI mental health platform — sold out in nine hours on K Stadium’s LaunchPad on Tuesday (KST), according to an official press release on K Stadium’s Medium page.

Supporting mental wellness

Bit of Mind is an upcoming mobile decentralized application (dApp) that integrates AI and a combination of Web2 and Web3 technology to provide personalized mental health care services like journal writing, mood tracking, meditation and virtual counseling. In particular, it incorporates an incentivized token reward system where users can earn tokens by participating in the aforementioned self-care practices within the app.

Fueling innovation

A total of 45,000,000 Bit of Mind (BOM) tokens were available during the pre-sale, with 1 BOM worth 1 KSTA. KSTA is the native token that operates the K Stadium ecosystem. The early sell-out is a testament to the community’s strong support and belief in Bit of Mind’s mission to redefine the standard of mental health care, the platform said. It also demonstrates investors’ strong support for and confidence in Bit of Mind’s vision.
“Bit of Mind’s LaunchPad is a testament to K Stadium’s influence in identifying high-potential projects in the blockchain space. The funds raised will play an important role in advancing the development of Bit of Mind’s ecosystem, including enhancing AI capabilities, expanding new features and providing opportunities for Web3 paradigm collaborations,” K Stadium said.
In the future, Bit of Mind is poised to venture into the metaverse as well, merging Web2 and Web3 paradigms and implementing picture-for-profile non-fungible tokens (PFP NFTs).
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