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JAN 25, 2024

Tokenpost and PUNKPOLL launch open beta service for Web3 news polling service

by CoinNess Global

Tokenpost, a South Korean media outlet covering news on blockchain and crypto, launched the open beta version of its Web3 news polling service jointly developed with PUNKPOLL – a voting and polling platform based on the MINA protocol – that provides random surveys based on daily news for readers to participate in.

Providing the backbone for digital democracy

The polling service utilizes MINA's zero-knowledge blockchain (zkBlockchain) technology to protect personal information and operate an independent news polling system free from centralized management. It aims to realize the core values of direct democracy in the digital realm by enabling readers to express their opinions through polls.
Users’ identities are verified through PUNKPOLL’s Social Graph Authentication, a decentralized method where multiple users mutually verify each other’s identities. The service is most easily accessible through the KakaoTalk messaging app.
Readers who participate in the survey will be rewarded with Tokenpost Tickets and PUNK tokens. Tokenpost Tickets can be used to enter prize sweepstakes via the Ticket Store, and PUNK tokens can be exchanged for MINA tokens at a 1:1 ratio starting from a minimum of 5 PUNK tokens. 
This collaboration between Tokenpost, PUNKPOLL and MINA Protocol is expected to be an important step in introducing a new model of direct democracy for the digital age.

About Tokenpost and PUNKPOLL

Tokenpost was founded in February 2017 as the first blockchain-focused media outlet in South Korea. It has been providing key information on the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. In 2018, it was the first media enterprise in the world to introduce a news platform that offers user rewards, and in 2019, it preemptively released a system for blockchain notarization of news articles, leading the way in utilizing Web3 technology in the media industry.
PUNKPOLL is known for its secure and transparent decentralized voting platform that leverages distributed technology and the MINA protocol, allowing users to participate anonymously and reap the benefits of direct democracy. The company aims to resolve the problems of the existing voting system in an innovative way.
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