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JAN 4, 2024

TZ APAC strikes marketing partnership to drive Tezos gaming

by CoinNess Global

EMERGE Group, a leading Southeast Asian marketing technology firm specializing in intellectual property (IP) and gaming partnerships, has forged a strategic alliance with TZ APAC in an effort to drive Web3 gaming relative to the Tezos layer one blockchain.
Singapore-based TZ APAC is a Web3 ecosystem builder dedicated to advancing the Web3 ecosystem on the Tezos blockchain by empowering founders, creators and developers. It’s also the Asian adoption entity supported by the Tezos Foundation with a mandate to garner adoption of the Tezos blockchain within the region. EMERGE is also a Singapore-based entity that established itself during the pandemic.

Positioning Tezos as preferred gaming blockchain

News of the partnership was publicized recently within "The Baking Sheet," a bulletin published by an independent not-for-profit entity, Tezos Commons. The primary focus of this partnership is to offer marketing solutions and publishing partnership support. EMERGE Group, known for its expertise and influential network, including partnerships with Moonton, Singtel and Shopback, aims to position Tezos as the preferred blockchain platform for the gaming community. Leveraging advertising inventories and critical IPs, EMERGE Group intends to facilitate the seamless onboarding of game studios onto the Tezos blockchain.
Tezos, renowned for its open-source blockchain emphasizing upgradability, participation and smart contract safety, joins forces with EMERGE Group, which has previously established strategic alliances with industry leaders like Nvir World and Infinite Loop Media. This partnership is seeking to make an impact within the gaming industry, harnessing the potential of blockchain technology.
Jason Lim, responsible for business development (gaming) at TZ APAC, commented on the partnership:“With this collaboration, TZ APAC can now rely on a partner that shares the same goal — to empower the gaming community with the relevant tools, resources, and network to succeed. Builders, gamers, and ecosystem partners can stand to benefit from the marriage of full-suite support provided by TZ APAC and the marketing prowess of EMERGE Group.” 
EMERGE Group co-founder and CEO Roy Kek was similarly enthused, stating that the partnership reflected the firm’s expertise in the Web3 gaming space.

Bridging Web2 to Web3

The collaborative effort is designed to create a bridge between Web2 and Web3 technologies, enhancing the overall gaming experience. By fostering a supportive environment for game developers and capitalizing on Tezos' blockchain capabilities, the partnership aims to deliver a frictionless onboarding experience. 
The collaboration between EMERGE Group and TZ APAC signifies a proactive move towards the integration of gaming into the Web3 ecosystem on Tezos. In the past, gaming giant Ubisoft has leaned on Tezos in providing in-game items for some of its gaming titles. The project has partnered with Google Cloud in an effort to enable Google Cloud customers to build Web3 applications on the blockchain.
It’s still early days for Web3 gaming and with that, this partnership is seeking to advance gaming development on Tezos.
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