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JAN 29, 2024

Watch-to-Earn app fanC and Filipino exchange team up to expand globally

by CoinNess Global

FanC – a South Korean blockchain reward project designed for creators and users of the Watch-to-Earn short-form video app CELEBe – has signed a business agreement with, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines. Through this agreement, the two companies aim to expand their respective global ecosystem through fanC’s rewards system, according to an article by local news outlet Daehan Kyungjae.

Empowering creators and rewarding viewers

The CELEBe app aims to bring content creators and viewers together through Create-to-Earn and Watch-to-Earn mechanisms. The platform has notably collaborated with some 4,000 well-known figures, ranging from actors and singers to YouTubers and athletes.

Connecting communities

Under the agreement, fanC's reward token (FANC) will be available for trading on, allowing fanC to deepen its roots not only in the Filipino market but also in the larger Asian blockchain community. "This agreement marks an important step in fanC's global expansion strategy," said Lee Dong-ho, CEO of fanC. "Through our collaboration with, we will build a stronger global network."
Meanwhile, fanC plans to continue to strengthen its partnership with through activities like global meetings to lead the growth of its global fan community. The platform is thus committed to consistent technological development and innovation through collaborations with various global partners. Through these efforts, it aims to provide new value by building an ecosystem that connects the global blockchain community.
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