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JAN 29, 2024

Wemade ramps up excitement for upcoming games at Taipei Game Show

by CoinNess Global

South Korean gaming publisher Wemade attended this year’s Taipei Game Show – the largest gaming exhibition in Taiwan – from Thursday to Sunday, where it showcased its upcoming games Night Crows and Fantastic 4 Baseball, according to news site Bridge News.

Unveiling upcoming blockbusters

At the event, Wemade operated an exclusive booth with game demos and promotional videos. There was also a cosplay of characters from the Night Crows game and a special performance by the TSG Hawks' cheerleading team, the Wing Stars. The TSG Hawks is a professional baseball team that joined the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) last year. The Wing Stars are led by the famous Korean cheerleader Ahn Ji-hyun.
In addition, Lee Jung-wook and Lee Kun-hee, the CEOs of Night Crows developer Madngine, and Fantastic 4 Baseball developer Round One Studio, took to the stage to interact directly with gamers.
"Night Crows is the first MMORPG developed with Unreal Engine 5, and you can enjoy top-notch visuals with Mad Engine's unique know-how," said Lee Jung-wook. "We promise to provide new fun and stable services to our global users."
"While developing Fantastic 4 Baseball, we put a lot of thought into capturing the essence of baseball and making the players' faces and batting forms look realistic," Lee Kun-hee added. "We plan to bring the game to the global market when the Taiwanese baseball league begins."

Market-dominating releases

Night Crows has been popular among gamers in South Korea, where it launched in April last year, topping the popularity and revenue rankings on major app markets. The global version of the game utilizes blockchain technology to implement an advanced tokenomics ecosystem. Global pre-registration will open on Jan. 11. On the other hand, Round 1 Studio’s Fantastic 4 Baseball is a realistic baseball game where players can create their own team with famous players from various leagues, including the CPBL. The demo version includes single-player and home run derbies. Both games are slated for global release in March.
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