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DEC 22, 2023

WEMIX Foundation launches omnichain wallet

by CoinNess Global

The WEMIX Foundation, a subsidiary of South Korean blockchain gaming publisher Wemade, has officially launched the una Wallet, according to an official announcement on the company’s website on Thursday (KST). una Wallet is a core application of the Unbound Networking & Accelerating Growth Initiative, or “unagi,” the company’s newest innovative omnichain network and interoperable Web3 gaming platform.

Easy asset management

The wallet service offers a solution for users to conveniently earn, manage and trade their digital assets like NFTs and tokens on multiple blockchains — such as WEMIX3.0, Ethereum and Polygon — in one borderless place. The WEMIX Foundation said it would add more supported chains in the future.

Effortless access and robust security

In particular, una Wallet’s convenience and security stem from an easy login procedure utilizing connections to social media accounts and multi-party computation (MPC) technology. MPC is a cryptographic security measure that enables multiple parties to assess a computation without revealing their private information or data. This technology splits private keys, or mnemonic phrases, and allows users to easily recover their wallets through social login even if they lose their keys.
The service also provides transaction route recommendations, allowing users to move or trade assets across chains with minimal costs or signature procedures. Subsequently, they can also view their transaction history on each chain and the movement of assets between different chains.
WEMIX plans to add various features to make authentication and asset-tracking processes even easier. una Wallet is currently available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
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