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DEC 26, 2023

WEMIX’s staked token listed on BitMart exchange

by CoinNess Global

South Korean gaming publisher Wemade’s layer 1 blockchain WEMIX has announced the listing of stWEMIX — the tokenized form of staked WEMIX — on the global cryptocurrency exchange BitMart, according to an official announcement on WEMIX’s Medium page last Saturday. stWEMIX acts as a liquidity token of the native coin WEMIX that allows users to participate in trading, yield farming and borrowing.

BitMart’s services

Established in 2018, BitMart offers services like futures contracts and different types of trading, including currency, over-the-counter, decentralized and network-wide trading. The token was listed for trading on the exchange last Friday at 10 a.m. (UTC) and is currently priced at $3.48 as of this writing.

Exclusive events

The exchange said that it is independently holding several events with the help of the WEMIX Foundation until Jan. 4 to celebrate the listing. This includes rewards in the form of stWEMIX, which will be distributed to new and existing users alike on BitMart who deposit or buy at least 100 USDT of stWEMIX.
50 users who record highest stWEMIX trading volume during the event period and those who participate in stWEMIX Fixed Savings will also receive rewards. BitMart’s Fixed Savings subscription is a system that pays interest on cryptocurrencies that are deposited during a designated period ranging from a week to one month. Users can redeem their funds only after the period is over, and both the principal and interest are paid to their spot wallets without extra fees.
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