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JAN 8, 2024

XPLA blockchain now supported by on-chain tokenizer platform Gall3ry

by CoinNess Global

Cultural content company Com2uS Holdings announced Monday that XPLA, its layer 1 blockchain, is now supported by on-chain content (OCC) aggregator Gall3ry.
“We are pleased with the recognition of our technology and ideas, and with our collaboration with global mainnet XPLA,” said Joseph Lee, CEO of Gall3ry. “We plan to provide various experiences based on our decade of expertise in the IP industry.”

Empowering multifaceted ownership

Gall3ry offers an OCC tokenizer solution that converts off-chain data into on-chain tokens — mainly NFTs — boosting user engagement and revenue while building Web3 communities. It ultimately gives NFT holders a sense of true ownership because they can personalize their social identities and build connections with other users through their assets. In particular, they can display their NFT artwork on the Gall3ry platform to share with the community, which can lead to increased communication and engagement on social media platforms, thus lowering the barriers to entry for NFTs.

Elevating gaming experiences

By supporting the XPLA blockchain, users on XPLA can now experience an innovative and improved Play-to-Own (P2O) aspect of their favorite games. Now that Gall3ry’s solution is linked to XPLA, NFT holders will be able to experience more active and vibrant connections with each other, moving away from the now outdated concept of one-dimensional ownership on XPLA.
“This partnership is a significant collaboration for XPLA and our NFT marketplace X-PLANET,” said Paul Kim, Team Leader at XPLA. “It will provide new and diverse ways for holders to utilize their NFTs.”
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