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DEC 18, 2023

XPLA joins hands with EDUM to bring Study-to-Earn services to learners

by CoinNess Global

South Korean gaming corporation Com2uS Group’s layer 1 blockchain XPLA has established its newest partnership with EDUM, a Study-to-Earn (S2E) project operated by Dream Ladders, a blockchain subsidiary of educational and career services provider Jinhak, according to an official announcement on Monday (KST). Together, they plan to bring blockchain to education, helping students benefit from a new, innovative approach to learning and proving that blockchain can be useful in any environment.

Optimizing the learning experience with Web3

EDUM is set to leverage Web3 technology to provide students with access to affordable, high-quality educational services for everyone, no matter their economic background. Users will be able to earn rewards in the form of EDUM or EDUMP tokens when using different functions on the EDUM mobile application. EDUM is the project’s market-based utility token that can be cashed through external exchanges or even swapped with EDUMP, which has a fixed value and can only be used within the EDUM ecosystem. EDUMP tokens can also be used for purchasing NFTs or lectures on the EDUM platform.
The project will also incorporate NFT technology as a key mechanism. Learners on EDUM can record their achievements as NFTs through certification performed by a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP). The platform offers benefits to instructors as well, whose content such as lectures, exams and textbooks can be protected and compensated by being minted as NFTs.

Going beyond gaming

By working with EDUM, XPLA aims to venture into the realm of education, which is outside of its usual gaming focus, helping the platform revolutionize S2E services and creating more real-world use cases for blockchain technology.
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