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OCT 18, 2023

Introduction To CopyTrading

by ZIBAH, CopyChain Crypto

Discover the importance of copytrading in the cryptocurrency market (There's a supporting video to aid understanding). Among other trading means, copytrading is a major way to make more income without having to draw charts or make setups. In this article, we will delve into copy trading, covering its mechanics, benefits, associated risks and more.


It can be challenging to understand the world of trading, particularly if you are new to the field. In this cryptocurrency space, there exists an extensive array of trading methodologies and styles that one can acquire knowledge about, each with distinct functions. Among the most intriguing of these is copy trading; however, what exactly is copy trading in cryptocurrency, and how can you engage in it for yourself?
In the blockchain industry, copy-trading cryptocurrency is growing in popularity as more and more newcomers become aware of this strategy and realize its enormous potential for success in addition to its relative simplicity. Because of this, it has grown to be a crucial part of the cryptocurrency trading context, attracting a large user base from different parts of the world. Understanding how other experienced traders do business and keeping an eye on their actions yourself are key components of learning how to copy trade. Essentially, you learn the ropes of trading and investing more faster because of this level of monitoring and synchronizing your actions with theirs. That's the best part about it.
(Do well to watch the explainer video at the end of this article for easy understanding or you can click here if you want to go to the video directly)

What is CopyTrading?

The practice of imitating the trades, trading routines, and attitudes of other traders is known as copy trading. People frequently accomplish this by imitating the moves of trading bots or more seasoned traders. Put differently, copy trading is just replicating other people's trades. This can be carried out automatically with the use of a specialized platform or a bot, or manually, where you monitor the activities of another entity on your own.
The idea behind copy trading is simple: you replicate another trader's moves. Generally, an inexperienced trader chooses an expert trader to emulate and then mechanically replicates their transactions. This implies that the account of the beginner trader will automatically mirror the actions taken by the seasoned trader whenever they open or close a position. Copy trading allows traders to study the strategies of other successful traders. It is best for traders to follow the investor before deciding to risk actual funds, just like with any trading technique they choose to use.
The adoption of sophisticated trading systems that enable the linking of traders' accounts and the sharing of their trades makes copy trading possible, as there is less work to be done and fewer screens or markets to individually monitor. Copy trading without the use of an automated tool may be quite stressful, since you are under constant pressure to watch your screen in case the person you want to copy decides to act at any time.

Origin of CopyTrading

Mirror trading gave rise to copy trading in 2005. At first, traders replicated particular algorithms created by automated trading. By sharing their trade records, developers made it possible for others to replicate their trading tactics. In this case, a social trading network was created. Eventually, traders started imitating other traders rather than strategize when making trades in their personal trading accounts.

How does Crypto CopyTrading Work?

With focus on using Telegram bots in this pool, here is how crypto copy trading works:
1. Research Analysis of Successful Traders: Copy traders use dedicated research tools to search for profitable traders. Usually, traders with over 90% success rate are seen as profitable or successful traders.
2. Platform Selection and Customization: After finding profitable profiles, copy traders choose the platforms that they prefer to use for monitoring and placing their trades and customize them to suit their respective portfolios.
3. Real-time Replication: On setting up the preferred platforms, real-time replication (copy trading) starts.

Is Copy Trading Profitable?

If a trader locates a successful (profitable) trader to study and copy, copy trading can provide significant returns. A trader may only lose money if the approach they are replicating doesn't work or the copied trader isn't as profitable as perceived. 
Even though there have been cases where people have made significant profits via copy trading, it's important to remember that there are risks associated with any investment. The choices made by the targeted trader, the volatility of the market, and the promptness of trade execution all play a major role in copy trading performance. Even the most experienced trader's strategy can underperform from time to time because past performance does not guarantee future results.
Due to these, copy trading is not regarded as a guaranteed method to get rich and ought to be handled carefully.

Is Copy Trading Legal?

Although the term "copy trading" gives the sense of being novel, it has been around for a while. Copy trading has been approved by regulatory organizations such the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), which oversees and regulates the financial markets in the European Union, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which oversees the financial sector in the United Kingdom.
Before making an investment, it's crucial to understand the legality of copy trading in the nation in which you live and confirm that the dealer is regulated. If one is using an approved service, copy trading can be considered a legal trading method as numerous restrictions have been put in place for it.

Benefits of Copy Trading 

1. Reduced Risks: Crypto copy trading reduces risk by enabling copy traders to automatically imitate the trades made by profitable traders; in turn, they save time and effort by depending on the experience of these successful traders in the market. 
2. Flexibility: Users who want more freedom in their investment approach can stop or start copying the trades of profitable traders on most platforms at any time.
3. Educational Opportunity: Novice traders can learn about risk management, trading techniques, and market dynamics by watching the strategies and decisions of more seasoned traders. This allows them to gain knowledge while making money.
4. Time-Saving: Making wise selections and keeping a close eye on the markets can take time. With cryptocurrency copy trading, traders can easily make decisions with real-time updates from copy trading platforms.
5. Diversification: Copy traders can diversify their portfolio and possibly reduce risk by replicating many traders using various strategies.

Risks of Copy Trading 

Although there are many benefits to cryptocurrency copy trading, it's important to approach it with a comprehensive awareness of any potential drawbacks. This guarantees a well-informed process of weighing the advantages and disadvantages of copy trading. Here are a few risks to examine:
1. Previous Performance is Not a Total Predictor of Future Success: Although traders' prior results can be studied, they do not ensure success in the future. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, strategies that were successful in the past might not prove successful in the future.
2. Over-Reliance: Novice traders run the risk of being unduly dependent on copy trading and failing to acquire an understanding of the dynamics of the market.
3. Platform Risks: Not every platform that offers copy trading is reliable. Scams, technological issues, or improper platform management are possible.
4. Cost Implications: While certain platforms may appear to be inexpensive, unstated costs or excessive spreads may make them less profitable.
5. Execution Delays: Trading may experience minor hiccups that result in slippage. Profitability may be impacted because the copy traders may get a different entry or exit price than that of the profitable trader.


Before making an investment, it's crucial to consider every facet of cryptocurrency copy trading. The basic idea behind crypto copy trading is to leverage the experience of a profitable trader to almost eliminate the time required to acquire similar trading abilities.
Learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies could be confusing for inexperienced traders. They may observe the real-time actions of a seasoned trader when they copy trades, which aids in their understanding of the technicalities in trading.
The first step towards becoming a skilled whale may be copy trading. With the support of behind-the-scenes learning and regular monitoring of lead traders' activities, novice cryptocurrency traders may be able to improve their skills and eventually become expert traders.
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Thank you. I agree eToro and some other ones made copy trading very popular and they did a great work at that 😁. Subsequently, This pool will focus more on the use of telegram bots for DEX copy trading.