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DEC 27, 2023

(Alpha) Weekly Altcoin Review: Access Protocol ($ACS)

by Crypto Alpha

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Reinventing Content Monetization – Access Protocol.

Access Protocol's recent move to airdrop 100,000 $ACS to all Saga owners has not only generated significant interest but has also positioned the platform as a pioneering force in the Solana ecosystem. This strategic initiative underscores their commitment to revolutionizing content monetization by placing equal emphasis on both content creators and users.
The spotlight on Access Protocol has intensified, drawing attention to the innovative product they have meticulously developed and continue to enhance. This notable act has propelled the platform to a remarkable milestone of 1 billion staked (locked) $ACS tokens, signifying widespread confidence and adoption within the community.
An additional boost to Access Protocol's trajectory comes in the form of a $1.2 million seed funding injection from prominent investors such as DV Ventures, CMS Holdings, Sora Ventures, DoublePeak, and other strategic angel investors. This financial support paves the way for Access Protocol's evolution into a more decentralized platform, aligning with the ethos of blockchain technology.
The recently unveiled Roadmap Development outlines pivotal steps towards achieving a more robust and user-centric ecosystem. Key highlights of this roadmap include:
  • Platform Upgrade from V1 to V2
  • Frictionless Creator Onboarding
  • Transferable Subscriptions
  • Forever Subscriptions
  • Referral System
  • Protocol Decentralization Governance

Why Access Protocol ($ACS)?

They are providing a new way for content creators to monetize their work while improving the ease with which a consumer can connect with and support creators. What this means to users is that you no longer need to pay recurring fees when subscribed to your favourite content creator, news outlet, or media. 
With this model, users gain lifetime access to content as long as their $ACS token remains locked to the creator’s pool. During this period, you get access to whatever the creator is offering while enjoying staking rewards that can be claimed daily, relocked (stake), or sold. There are no limits to the number of tokens you can stake to subscribe to any pool of your choice. Mind you, your tokens can be unstaked at any given time, no lock period is required.

How does it work?

This is like having a Twitter/YouTube/Netflix subscription for a lifetime, imagine the benefits you’re getting to pay once not twice. The fun part is that it's happening on web3, no credit cards or payment gateway is needed, just your Phantom/Solflare wallet with some Solana and ACS tokens and you are in for a lifetime of value.
To read more on the benefits, tokenomics of Access Protocol and all it has to offer the crypto space follow this link (
Access Protocol's journey towards decentralization, coupled with these strategic developments, positions it as a frontrunner in reshaping the content monetization landscape. As the platform continues to evolve, the community eagerly anticipates the realization of these roadmap milestones, cementing Access Protocol's role as a trailblazer in the decentralized content creation space.

Let’s dive into the CHARTS to see what the future holds!

The $ACS token seems like an asset that has bottomed from the chart on the daily timeframe. The current price hovers around $0.003200 (as of the time of this writing), after coming out of the classical inverted head and shoulders pattern. This is a classical breakout trade from where buyers should step in to defend the price and continue to rally it from any pullback. We pay close attention to our support level which has been highlighted by the blue horizontal lines, these are solid three levels in which we are very optimistic would hold the bullish momentum for the price to continue it rally. Using our popular DCA strategy our first entry price will be $0.002500, followed by the liquidity level at $0.00200 and our last level of support is $0.001700.
On the weekly timeframe the presence of bulls can be seen in the candlestick formation despite the wicks, we are gradually moving steadily to the upside. Our liquidity levels and order block look clearer on the weekly timeframe, although our entry level is not different from those aforementioned on the daily timeframe. If this chart pattern is complete our take profit levels can stretch up to 5X in ROI. The clear first take profit will be $0.00500 which is 100% from our entry point. Also, $0.00750 is another liquidity level to lock in more profit.
P.S: We recommend that this token should be held as a long-term and as a tool for cash flow, where investors take profits at a very extended range or use the DCA strategy to lock in profits, to avoid confusion and maintain a healthy peace quotient.

Final Thoughts

Remember to trade in your own best interest, only commit what you can afford to lose. May the market go with us!
We may make a review of this publication as the market evolves...
If you need a further breakdown, inquiry, or analysis on any particular coin, feel free to email us (
See you again soon. May the markets go with us!
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