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JAN 31, 2024

(Alpha) Weekly Altcoin Review: Intellix Protocol ($ITX)

by Crypto Alpha

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Coin of the day: $ITX Token
Potential ROI: 50X
Coin Status: New
Exchanges:  DEX (Uniswap)
Holding Window: Long-term

What is $ITX?

Since its inception, Intellix ($ITX) has been on a rapid expansion trajectory, cultivating a diverse ecosystem around three core pillars: Privacy, AI, and Revenue Share. This project is segmented into different cogwheels coming together to provide its users with a mixing service that is distinctively superior to any of such services that previously existed on blockchain technology.

IntellixShield: Empowering User Autonomy

IntellixShield, inspired by Vitalik Buterin's vision, empowers participants with unprecedented control over their digital interactions. Users can selectively exclude specific transactions from their subsets, providing a shield against questionable activities within the transaction pool.

IntellixGuard: Your Smart Transaction Watchdog

IntellixGuard, an integral part of IntellixShield, serves as your vigilant transaction watchdog. It autonomously identifies potentially malicious transactions, promptly flagging them for further scrutiny. Any flagged transactions are automatically excluded from transaction subsets.
There are other interesting features and services that this project offers; to find further details about it, visit: (, (Intellix Price: ITX Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko).
To buy this token, we have to utilize the decentralized exchange, as it has not yet been listed on the traditional centralized exchanges.

How do we get the $ITX token?

Here is a step-by-step process:
  • Buy your preferred amount of $ETH from any CEX of your choice: such as Bybit, Binance, or Kucoin.
  • Send the $ETH from your CEX wallet to your crypto wallet (Trust wallet, Safe pal, Metamask).
  • Connect your crypto wallet to the official website of Uniswap
  • Confirm the action from your wallet.
That is it! Your $ITX Tokens should be in your wallet.

What does the Chart say?

$ITX Daily Chart
$ITX Daily Chart
As depicted in the chart above, the trading activities in this pair are fairly young, and it is less than a month. We can call this phase the accumulation phase before the price distends and begins its journey to price discovery. Investors should consider using the DCA strategy to bag this gem into their portfolio, in other to curtail market volatility while maintaining their peace quotient. We can get in at the current market price, although our two delineated levels which we consider as safe entries are $0.002535 and $0.001600 respectively.
We anticipate that this token will appreciate to a minimum of 10X from here which means it should ‘cancel one zero’ to get to $0.020000. If the range is further extended on a price discovery we could see this project at $0.200000. This is a long-term hodl gem, after accumulation investors should consider DCA to maximize the profit potential of this unicorn.

Final Thoughts

Remember to trade in your own best interest, only commit what you can afford to lose. May the market go with us!
We may make a review of this publication as the market evolves...
If you need a further breakdown, inquiry, or analysis on any particular coin, feel free to email us (
See you again soon. May the markets go with us!
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