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MAR 12, 2024

(Alpha) Weekly Altcoin Review: Myra ($MYRA)

by Crypto Alpha

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Coin of the day: MYRA
Category: MEME TOKEN
Potential ROI: 100X
Coin status: NEW
Exchanges Listed:  DEX (RAYDIUM.IO, JUG.AG - JUPITER)
Holding window: DEGEN-TRADING


$MYRA is the first female dog meme-coin on the Solana blockchain. The project was launched on the 13th of January 2024. They are aiming to empower ladies in web3, providing educational and financial utilities to make their crypto journey comfortable and interesting.

Why do we consider $MYRA for degen?

They have a long-term vision. Crypto space is currently 95% male-dominated. One day web3 technologies will be integrated into all areas of modern lifestyle and they aim to change this picture towards 50/50 male and female users respectively.
This is a meme project with a total market cap valuation of $10M, it is yet to get any mainstream attention, and therefore positioning early by risking a fragment of our capital can qualify us to enjoy asymmetric risk/reward. This project will pump if any of the major Centralized exchanges announce a listing (MEXC listing is imminent).  
For tokenomics, price, and the history of this project visit :( ).

How do we get the MYRA token?

Unlike other coins and tokens, you can buy from the traditional centralized exchange (CEX) e.g. Binance, Kucoin, and Bybit, the $Myra Token can only be gotten through decentralized exchanges, which are Jupiter, Raydium, and Dexscreener. This is a great deal for buyers who are trying to get into the project now, as it has not yet gone mainstream, which is an indication of great profit to come if the project delivers value according to its roadmap and it gets to be listed on any major CEX.
Step by step to buying the token:
  • Buy your preferred amount of $SOL from any CEX of your choice: such as Bybit, Binance, or Kucoin.
  • Send the $SOL from your CEX wallet to your crypto wallet (Solflare, Phantom).
  • Connect your crypto wallet to the official website of any of these DEX; Jupiter, Raydium, or Dexscreener.
  • Confirm the transaction from your wallet.
That is it! Your MYRA Tokens should be in your wallet.
Now that we have covered the simple steps in bagging your Myra token, let us get into the chart.

    “The market is a home of uncertainty (we should never lose touch with such reality), therefore we implore our subscribers to ensure that they protect themselves at all times, not risking/investing what they can’t afford to lose. Trading/investing can involve losing money. As much as we will try to create certainties in an uncertain market, we will only make a review and point out opportunities in the market when the odds are greatly skewed in our favor, it doesn’t mean we can’t be wrong sometimes.”      

The Myra Token is being injected with fresh liquidity. After pumping hard from a launching price of $0.00006000 to an ATH of $0.0234, dishing out over 14X in ROI for early adopters. Price has dumped to find support beneath the liquidity that rests below the support at $0.001000, and is on another leg of recovery targeting the ATH once more. We are anticipating a pullback into our first and second areas of liquidity which should serve as a pivot point for the bullish move continuation. The first buy entry is at $0.003000 and our second entry is at $0.000500.


For profit taking, we will be peeling out profit as the market presents us with some, this is a meme project, and every profit made available should be maximized, as this isn’t a project for long-term holding. The first take profit price will be the 200% range expansion from our initial entry at $0.003000 which will take us to $0.009000. Our ultimate target rests above the ATH which rests at $0.0234, being over 10X from our entry point. Other notable levels for profit taking along the line are $0.015000 and $0.02000. Also, price may distance from the ATH to other prices not shown in the chart in a range expansion which can be calculated using the range from the ATL to the ATH.

Final Thoughts

Remember to trade in your own best interest, only commit what you can afford to lose. May the market go with us!
We may make a review of this publication as the market evolves...
If you need a further breakdown, inquiry, or analysis on any particular coin, feel free to email us (
See you again soon. May the markets go with us!
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