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MAR 25, 2024

(Alpha) Weekly Altcoin Review: Verasity ($VRA)

by Crypto Alpha

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Coin of the Day: VERASITY (VRA COIN)
Category: AI, AD, FINANCE
Potential ROI: 30X
Coin Status: OLD
Exchanges Listed:  CEX (BYBIT, KUCOIN, MEXC, GATE)
Holding window: Long-Term


Verasity seems to be a comprehensive platform addressing multiple challenges within the digital advertising space. By leveraging blockchain technology along with AI and ML, it aims to combat fraud, provide transparent infrastructure, and incentivize user engagement with video content.
The focus on combating advertising fraud is crucial, as it's a significant issue plaguing the digital advertising industry. Verasity's approach to using blockchain for transparency and security can potentially address these concerns effectively.
The VeraViews system appears to be an innovative way to optimize advertising effectiveness, utilizing AI and machine learning to target audiences more precisely. This could lead to higher ROI for advertisers and better user experiences for viewers.
The VeraWallet, VeraCard, and VeraPay components indicate a broader ecosystem beyond just advertising, aiming to streamline payment solutions and provide users with convenient ways to transact within the platform.
The Rewarded Video module is an intriguing concept, as it aligns incentives for both content creators and viewers. By rewarding users for engaging with video content, Verasity could potentially foster a more robust attention economy within its ecosystem.
Overall, Verasity seems to be taking a holistic approach to revolutionizing the digital advertising landscape, addressing issues of fraud, transparency, and user engagement through a combination of innovative technologies.


The $VRA Token & Staking Economy

VeraViews is a robust solution for combating ad fraud and optimizing the digital advertising supply chain. The integration of Verasity's patented Proof of View technology ensures that ads are viewed by real people, enhancing campaign ROI for advertisers and ensuring faster payment processing for publishers.
The partnership between VeraViews and Brightcove, a Nasdaq-listed marketplace serving a vast network of web publishers, demonstrates the platform's credibility and potential for widespread adoption. By delivering the first third-party developed ad-support plugin for the Brightcove Web Player, VeraViews further solidifies its position as an innovative player in the digital advertising ecosystem.
Being an Amazon Ads Partner also adds to VeraViews' credibility and potential reach, considering Amazon's significant presence in the digital advertising space.
The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning modules within VeraViews indicates a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to continually enhance the platform's capabilities.
Overall, VeraViews appears to be a comprehensive solution that addresses key challenges in digital advertising, offering transparency, fraud prevention, and improved ROI for advertisers and publishers alike. For tokenomics and the history of this project, visit (


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