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MAR 9, 2024

Empowering Decentralized Finance: The Rise of Kinza Finance on BNB Chain

by Crypto Alpha

Discover the story of Kinza Finance, a pioneering decentralized lending protocol on the BNB Chain. Learn how it revolutionizes traditional lending through blockchain technology, community governance, and innovative tokenomics, empowering users worldwide with a flexible and secure DeFi experience.

History of Kinza Finance

Kinza Finance emerged amidst the dynamic landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the BNB Chain, driven by a team of blockchain enthusiasts and DeFi experts. Their vision aimed to revolutionize traditional lending practices by harnessing blockchain technology and smart contracts to create an accessible, secure, and sustainable financial ecosystem. From its inception, Kinza Finance prioritized user empowerment and financial inclusivity, drawing inspiration from the principles of decentralization and community governance to develop a groundbreaking decentralized lending protocol.
As the project gained traction, Kinza Finance attracted early adopters, investors, and strategic partners eager to support its mission. With a focus on transparency, integrity, and innovation, Kinza Finance forged strategic partnerships with leading players in the blockchain and DeFi space, positioning itself as a pioneer in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Through continuous refinement, community-driven initiatives, and a commitment to advancing the principles of decentralization, Kinza Finance has evolved into a transformative force in the realm of decentralized finance, empowering users worldwide to access new opportunities and shape a more equitable financial future.

What is Kinza Finance?

Kinza Finance is the next-generation decentralized lending protocol on the BNB Chain. Kinza Finance is a non-custodial, permissionless, and secure protocol that incorporates cutting-edge DeFi mechanisms and solutions to offer users a flexible and highly customizable DeFi lending experience. Built-in mechanisms and rewards incentivize participation, and innovative tokenomics ensure unparalleled sustainability.
Basics: Kinza Finance lending markets are established as liquidity pool contracts. In a liquidity pool contract, lenders deposit cryptocurrencies to provide liquidity. Borrowers can simultaneously place collateral and borrow from the pooled funds in the same contract. Lenders generate a portion of the interest paid by borrowers. In addition, borrowers can earn a portion of Kinza Governance Token (KZA) emissions. Unique to Kinza, they focus on Real Yield combined with exciting ve(3,3)-inspired tokenomics. KZA holders can stake KZA to earn a slice of protocol revenue, as well as bribes.

Key Features of Kinza Finance

Kinza Finance is an on-chain money market on the BNB Chain that is accessible, secure, and sustainable.
1. Accessibility: Kinza Finance provides decentralized financial opportunities accessible to all, leveraging smart contracts and incentivization mechanisms to democratize borrowing, lending, and investment. It empowers individuals to earn rewards and tokens without reliance on central banks.
2. Security: Kinza Finance prioritizes security, considering lending protocols as crucial components of DeFi systems. Through innovative security measures, such as cutting-edge technologies, it ensures a robust and resilient platform, safeguarding investors and asset pools from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
3. Sustainability: Kinza Finance focuses on building sustainable lending markets with deep liquidity, essential for enabling borrowing activities. Its tokenomics model, inspired by ve(3,3) emissions, allows participants to direct emissions to preferred lending pools, fostering the growth of lending and borrowing while providing sustainable Real Yield for liquidity providers.
4. Real Yield: Kinza Finance emphasizes the importance of liquidity for healthy lending protocols and believes in incentivizing borrowing to catalyze liquidity provision. By offering sustainable Real Yield to lenders and token holders, it aims to attract deposits and ensure the availability of liquidity for borrowers.
5. ve(3,3)-Inspired Emissions: Inspired by vote escrow mechanisms used in decentralized exchanges, Kinza Finance employs a gauged voting system to direct token emissions into lending markets. Through stakeholder voting, emissions are allocated to specific lending pools, with rewards primarily benefiting borrowers, while lenders earn interest from borrowers' activities.
Kinza Backed by Binance Labs
Kinza Backed by Binance Labs

Kinza Finance Fundraising and Partnership

Kinza Finance, alongside three other projects from the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program, Season 6 cohort, was chosen to receive a capital injection from Binance Labs. This selection marked a transition for Kinza Finance, moving it from being a Binance Labs incubated project to a part of the Binance Labs portfolio. With successful business and product development, including the mainnet launch of Kinza Finance and the Token Generation Event (TGE) approaching, the project is solidifying its position as a prominent player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.
The announcement by Binance Labs can be accessed through this link: Binance Labs Investment Announcement
Kinza Finance is enthusiastic about this recognition and investment from Binance Labs, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to contribute to the sustainability of the Binance ecosystem. The focus remains on providing secure and sustainable lending solutions to support the BNB Chain.
Kinza Finance ($KZA) Tokenomics
Kinza Finance ($KZA) Tokenomics

Kinza Airdrop

As an incentive for early adopters, Kinza Finance has reserved 5% of its total token supply for an airdrop. Users can participate by lending or borrowing tokens on the Kinza platform before the Token Generation Event (TGE), accumulating airdrop points that convert to free $KZA tokens post-TGE. Additionally, users can earn a 10% share of the referee's eligible airdrop by referring friends to the platform.
Kinza Airdrop
Kinza Airdrop
Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. Visit the Kinza Finance website
  2. Connect your BSC wallet.
  3. You will need some BNB?USDC  and/or other tokens. You can get them on Binance.
  4. Now select a market and supply tokens.
  5. Also, try to borrow some tokens too.
  6. You will get airdrop points.
  7. A total of 5% or 5 Million Tokens of the total supply has been allocated for the airdrop.
  8. Also, refer your friends to earn 10% of the referee’s eligible airdrop at TGE (Token Generation Event). (You can apply our referer code: KYP6J2)
  9. The points will be converted to KZA tokens after TGE (TBA soon).
Kinza Airdrop Point System
Kinza Airdrop Point System
P.S: The mode of conversion Kinza Points for $KZA Tokens has not been revealed but bear in mind you will earn 1 point per $100 TVL (Total Value Locked) you provide within 24 hours, so the longer you leave your funds the better, as you earn more points for $KZA Airdrop.


In conclusion, Kinza Finance emerges as a groundbreaking project in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the BNB Chain. Its innovative approach to decentralized lending, coupled with non-custodial, permissionless, and secure features, positions it as a leading platform in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. By incorporating cutting-edge mechanisms and rewards systems, Kinza Finance incentivizes user participation while ensuring sustainability through its unique tokenomics. With a commitment to accessibility, security, and innovation, Kinza Finance paves the way for a new era of decentralized lending protocols, empowering users to unlock the full potential of DeFi and reshape the future of finance.


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