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JUN 27, 2023

Unveiling the Promising Crypto Project: Access Protocol (say goodbye to monthly subscription/renewal fees).

by Crypto Alpha

Access Protocol is providing a new way for content creators to monetize their work while improving the ease with which a consumer can connect with and support creators. In this post I am going to unveil why I consider ACS to be a promising crypto project.


In the vast world of cryptocurrencies, new projects are constantly emerging, each with its own unique value proposition. One such project is Access Protocol. In this post, we will explore the key features and potential of Access Protocol, shedding light on why it is considered a promising crypto project.
Why Access Protocol ($ACS)?
They are providing a new way for content creators to monetize their work while improving the ease with which a consumer can connect with and support creators. What this means to users is that, you no longer need to pay recurring fees when subscribed to your favourite content creator, news outlet or media. 
With this model, users gain lifetime access to content as long as their $ACS token remains locked to the creator’s pool. During this period, you get access to whatever the creator is offering while enjoying staking rewards that can be claimed daily and sold. There are no limits to the number of tokens you can stake to subscribe to any pool of your choice. Mind you, your tokens can be unstaked at any given time, no lock period is required.
Image from Access Protocol Whitepaper
Image from Access Protocol Whitepaper
How it works?
This is like having a twitter/youtube/netflix subscription for a lifetime, imagine the benefits you’re getting to pay once not twice. The fun part is that it's happening on web3, no credit cards or payment gateway needed, just your phantom wallet with some Solana and ACS tokens and you are in for lifetime value.
The more reason why I consider $ACS to be a very promising project is because their value proposition is in three phases,
i) To publications and creators
ii) To users
iii) To the crypto industry.
they are tackling real world problem, use case with real utility, which project does this better?
As a user, you stand to get the following benefits.
a) Improved content quality; creators thrive to give their audience the best because they know without you, they do not get rewarded for their work.
b) User value proposition changes; you stake your tokens and receive multiple rewards.
c) You can allocate more value to digital content; you get access to as many creators you want, no limits.
d) Access various content with a single click. No cards, no sign-ups (you control your data), minimal friction.
e) Participate in all creator’s content from the same wallet.
Image from Access Protocol Whitepaper
Image from Access Protocol Whitepaper
Tokenomics and Roadmap
$ACS token is hosted on Solana blockchain with a total supply of 100.3billion tokens which will be fully unlocked over a period of 7 years. You can interact with with your Phantom wallet easily. Fully audited by Halborn Security.
With a 2% quarterly burn generated from 2% staking fee to reduce supply, they have plans to launch on Polygon Blockchain soon, while onboarding developers and creators for more interaction on their protocol. We await the launch of their governance, where token holders will have a say in their decision-making process.
It is worthy to note that Access Protocol runs its own smart contract which makes it easy for tooling any of their products on it ranging from Access scribe to Access NFT, $ACS serving as the fuel for this protocol.
Image from Solscan
Image from Solscan
Partners and Team
They are fully backed by Access Protocol Association, where they function as the business development arm, building technology to support the $ACS ecosystem and enacting governance decisions voted upon by $ACS token holders.
They are constantly partnering with mainstream media, independent creators and so on to onboard as possible to their amazing ecosystem. With coingecko as their launch partner, TheBlock, CryptoSlate, CryptoTimes Magazine, WuBlockchain and DeSpreadTeam as their launch creator.
Closing thoughts
Access Protocol is a promising crypto project that aims to disrupt the way we manage digital identities and access rights. With its focus on decentralization, interoperability, and incentivization, I call them the content pioneer for web3. 
In my honest opinion, I think $ACS is undervalued with all this amazing work they’re bringing to the crypto space. According to CoinGecko, the market cap is currently at $103M while the All-Time High is at $0.0268 and All-Time Low is at $0.00279 (as at the time of writing), come bull-run this token will do well, we are still early.
Stay tuned for more insightful topics to be covered by Crypto Alpha.
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