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MAR 18, 2024

Chasing the Solana MEME Wave: TOAD 🐸

by CryptoEduHub

Solana's affordable transaction costs drive the surge of meme coins on its blockchain. $TOAD emerges as a promising player, promoting environmental sustainability. Despite potential, meme coins are volatile and speculative, relying heavily on community backing and market trends.
Transactions on the SOL blockchain being much cheaper than on ETH, ARB, and other popular chains is likely the main reason why popular meme coins are exploding on Solana! The Solana meme coin market currently boasts a $6.38 billion market cap, up by 42.3% from yesterday.
I've identified a few with potential. Today, I came across $TOAD 🐸.
Toad, a meme coin on the Solana blockchain, is part of the vibrant ecosystem of meme coins gaining traction. It's known as a meme coin committed to environmental sustainability, aiming to bridge meme culture and environmental action. TOAD has shown activity with a liquidity of $239K and an FDV and market cap of $6.5M. $TOAD reached an ATH of 0.2121 and retraced to 0.065, forming a good consolidating area.
TOAD/SOL on Radium
TOAD/SOL on Radium
I've made a small investment here and will wait at least until #TOAD is listed on CEXes! Currently available on Raydium. This is a Playbux incubated project, which is a Binance Labs project and has partnered with Gotbit Hedge Fund, well known for its market-making services and investment strategies in the crypto world and also involvement in #MYRO, #SOLAMA, #ANALOS and other successful meme coins projects.
$TOAD - incubated by Playbux, partnered with GOTBIT Hedge Fund
$TOAD - incubated by Playbux, partnered with GOTBIT Hedge Fund
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