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MAR 3, 2024

FreeAirDrops – CryptoEduHub

by CryptoEduHub

CryptoEduHub Celebrates Milestones and Thanks Subscribers with Airdrop Program!
We at CryptoEduHub are thrilled to announce a double celebration! We've recently surpassed 130 amazing subscribers and reached a staggering $5,300,000 worth of $ACS locked, solidifying our commitment to financial education and in the future of the Access Protocol ecosystem.
This wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support of our dedicated community. To express our sincere gratitude, we're launching a special airdrop program exclusively for our subscribers!
Here's what you need to know:
  • Who's eligible? Anyone who is currently subscribed to CryptoEduHub with more then 250 $ACS is automatically enrolled in the airdrop program.
  • What will you receive? The airdrop amount will vary depending on the number of locked $ACS in the CryptoEduHub Pool. The more $ACS in the pool we have, the bigger the rewards!
At this moment the Airdrop Program will consist of:
1 monthly drop of 500 $ACS for 1 random subscriber who locked between 250 to 999 $ACS
1 weekly drop of 500 $ACS for 1 random subscriber who locked more than 1000  $ACS
- 1 monthly drop of 1000 $ACS for 1 random subscriber who locked more than 3000 $ACS
  • When will the airdrop take place? At the end of current week and month, exact moment will not be disclosed.
We're incredibly grateful for your continued support and excited to share this special moment with you. Together, we're building a brighter future for the Access Protocol community and the world of crypto education.
Don't forget to:
  • Subscribe to CryptoEduHub if you haven't already to be eligible for the airdrop.
  • Follow us on X for the latest updates and announcements about the airdrop.
  • Share this news with your friends and fellow crypto enthusiasts!
We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you on our journey towards financial empowerment through education.
Thank you for being a part of the CryptoEduHub community!
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3 days ago
The winner for 7th of April is: BhW......2Wp2Z - Congratulation! 🎁
last month
The winners for 31th of March are: for 250-999: 88m.....Qynef - for >1000: Egu......opDS7 - for >3000: 4Wk......Ci5w2 - Congratulation! 🎁
last month
The winner for 24th of March is: 29Y......oiCQ2 Congratulation! 🎁
last month
The winner for 17th of March is: DPv......bv1qz Congratulation! 🎁
last month
The winner for March 10th is: GbD......aLLWa
last month
Our first winners, on March 3rd, are: For 250-999 $ACS – 4VU……6WHPM For >1000 $ACS – G5B……3N4Yr For >3000 $ACS – Gkr……u5CmP Congratulations to all!