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FEB 24, 2024

FreeAirDrops - SupraOracles

by CryptoEduHub

Discover SupraOracles' advanced cross-chain oracle solution, enhancing smart contracts and blockchain apps. Join the airdrop for free SUPRA tokens by completing tasks like KYC verification. Earn up to 490 SUPRA and stars, plus more for referrals. Participate in monthly giveaways and quizzes to learn about Supra's DeFi innovations.
Participate in SupraOracles airdrop to receive complimentary SUPRA tokens. Complete straightforward tasks, including KYC verification, to earn 25 stars and up to 490 SUPRA tokens. Additionally, earn extra SUPRA tokens for each successful referral.
Steps to get the Airdrop:
-          Explore the SupraOracles airdrop page.
-          Click "Get started" and register.
-          Verify your email.
-          Proceed with KYC verification.
-          Complete additional tasks to accumulate 25 stars and up to 490 SUPRA tokens.
-          Receive 50 stars for each successful referral.
-          Accumulate more stars to increase your SUPRA token rewards.
-          Participate in monthly grand prize giveaways for a chance to win global trips and sports cars.
The airdrop functions as a Learn to Earn (L2E) initiative, allowing you to acquire intriguing Supra rewards while gaining insights into the Supra blockchain and its advancements in DeFi. Simply complete the SupraOracles mission quizzes to unlock mission crates—there's no risk involved.
If you're new to cryptocurrency, this airdrop presents an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge as you engage in the campaign. Stay updated and enhance your understanding of the project by following Supra's official channels on social media and actively participating in their online community.
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