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JAN 20, 2024

Investment and Trading Tools - Vestinda

by CryptoEduHub

Vestinda, a no-code platform, empowers users to build, backtest, and automate trading strategies. With a community-driven ethos, it supports diverse asset classes and offers impressive trading strategies. Personal experiences highlight its robust performance and occasional deals, making it a pivotal player in decentralized finance tools.
Vestinda aim to be a community-driven ecosystem that empowers you to build diversified and automated trading strategies and portfolios across multiple asset classes, multiple brokers/exchanges, and multiple financial accounts. Vestinda now provides extensive support for all asset classes, including Forex, Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Crypto, and Commodities within its powerful no-code environment.
Vestinda offers a variety of subscription plans, starting with a free plan that includes limited features. The paid plans offer more features, such as access to more strategies, backtesting, and automation capabilities.
I’m using Vestinda for a few months for backtesting, for testing the strategies in demo and real environment and I’m very happy with it. At this moment beside backtesting I’m using actively 2 strategies:
“Play the swings and profit when markets are trending up” for ETH/USDT made by Vestinda. This strategy had in 2021 a yearly performance of 129.85% and in 2022 only -12%, 67.15% in 2023 with a 1.75 profit factor, 76.11% winning trades and avg. holding time of only 2 days and 15 hours. For this reason, I use it with some of my stable reserve.
The second strategy “Keltner Breakout Strategy” for BTC/USDT I’m using for long play and it is the one with the best results, made by Kris Waters. Beside the best performance, 172.5% in 2021 and 81.93% in 2023 it has an astonishing -3% in 2022. The strategy has only 44.62% winning trades, a 1.93 profit factor and an avg. holding time of 6 days and 12 hours and 0.4 avg. no. of trades /week.
Vestinda offers additional strategies for those interested, and you can use my referral link ( to join the platform.
If considering a subscription, check for potential deals on platforms like AppSumo (
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