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DEC 20, 2023

Good Morning Access Protocol Community!

by De La Soul Child, DE LA SOUL CHILD x dela Soul Friends access art club

I wanted to formally introduce myself to everyone, as I just joined Access Protocol as an Artist, Poet. I’m truly honored and grateful to be amongst this community.
I am De La Soul Child, born in 1991 as Christopher Moises Torres. I am an American Multi-Disciplinary Poetic Expressionist artist, poet, fashion designer, and Web3 creator of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent.
My artistic journey began as a form of art therapy, serving as a means to deepen my connection with my spiritual soul. Armed with a B.A in Psychology, I unintentionally delved into the exploration of my psychological state while navigating the external world that I thought I knew before embracing art.
Throughout this journey, I formulated the style known as Poetic Expressionism. This style emerged organically from the poetic nature inherent in my creative process, encompassing everything from writing to layering and constructing each art piece. The end result is a visual poem, a translation from the stream of unconscious to consciousness, incorporating diverse styles such as cubism, mixed media, and poetry seamlessly woven together.
My work is characterized by boldness, colorfulness, and intensity, yet each piece evokes a unique emotion upon viewing. Elements within my creations interchange, contributing to the development of a distinctive style that leaves a lasting impact.
In essence, I have coined this style as Poetic Expressionism, emphasizing its poetic nature in the writing, layering, and construction of each art piece. The culmination is a visual poem that traverses the realms from the unconscious to the consciousness, creating a provocative and poetic dialogue.
With this being said, I invite everyone to join my dela Soul Friends Access Art Club with my open soul. With the first collection titled "deGREAT GATSBY". A collection based off my experiences and my views on society as a living Great Gatsby Novel. My plan for this collection is to explore the theme while providing a new set of art works that will be created in real time, including digital paintings, physical paintings, mixed media works, and poems to tell the story of deGREAT Gatsby.
What can you expect other than deGREAT Gatsby? Join the poolie, because this is just the start. You can expect access to be able to collect my physical art works before private sales, poetry book NFTS, poetry podcast NFTs based off my current Unloading Poetry Podcast with EP.04 releasing next week. For those who are not aware of my podcast, I started it in 2018 with a rebrand to a poetry reading only podcast with some segments of my authentic thoughts ( This is just a taste of my creative direction for Access Protocol.
To kick things off for everyone and to show my gratitude for Soul Friends to come, I want to provide three free mints for the Access Community that is not tied to being in my Art Club. This is my Hello, Hope to connect more, and Thank you offering. These three Free Mint/Claims are powered by, as I am one of the first artists to be able to use there Pro Tool before launch.
1) CLOUDED GIFTED MIND S1 x SoulFriendCards: epic art trading card editions c.2023 by De La Soul Child:
2) CLOUDED GIFTED MIND: digital painting editions c.2023 by De La Soul Child:
3) #1 THIS IS NOT A PUNK (V2) (S1) x SoulFriendCards: epic art trading card '' edition c.2023 by De La Soul Child:
For all questions, collaboration request, and any other inquiry, please email my official Access Protocol dedicated email:
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