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DEC 31, 2023

The beginning of 'deGREAT Soulsby' by De La Soul Child

by De La Soul Child, DE LA SOUL CHILD x dela Soul Friends access art club

deGreat Gatsby is a collection based on the chase to a never ending chase of freedom. A collection grown from the supporters of De La Soul Child's Access Protocol Staking Pool x dela Soul Friends Prestige Art Club.
Introducing the first art collection, deGREAT Soulsby, initially available for my Access Protocol Staking Pool x dela Soul Friends art club, a prestige club to acquire exclusive art pieces created for and born from the club. With the evolving, Chapter 1 NFT art pieces minted to all soul friends, with 5 rarity based, edition art pieces, 1 Limited Edition Poem and one 1/1 physical art piece turned into a NFT, for a total of 7 art pieces acquired across an initial 51 collectors at the time of minting this collection between December 30th, 2023 - December 31st, 2023.
For the first collection release, available to dela Soul Friends, I wanted to provide digital art novel, a SOLnovel as you will. I chose The Great Gatsby as the catalyst to conceptualizing deGREAT Soulsby, an ode to The Great Gatsby, with me as the main character, "Soulsby".
deGreat Soulsby is a collection based on the chase to a never ending chase of freedom. Each art piece is based of a rarity based trait followed by common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and Mythic (1/1 Ultimates) ‘Physical Paintings released as digital NFTs).
This collection serves as the Genesis Collection release, apart of my exclusive access protocol art club.
Often recognized for my distinctive colorful abstract, cubist, expressionist paintings which are intertwined with a style of vibrancy, even through the chaos that may often be displayed.
I'd love to have you apart of my growing Friends, internationally: dela Soul Friends Club discord:
Thank you for reading and I hope to have you as a deGREAT Soulsby collector.
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2 months ago
Amazing! Keep the good work!