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MAR 26, 2024

Phettaverse: About The Daily Shirt Designs

by Bgfk..KGAH, Emotionull

I wanted to go over my plan for the daily Phettaverse shirt designs.
Let’s start from the very beginning - the moment when I decided that being comfortable in the cocoon of non-designer territory was no longer an option. Yes, graphic design and Photoshop were once my arch-nemeses, lurking in the dark corners of creative software, taunting me with their complexity. But here we are, 20 days into a journey that has seen me transform fear into fabric. That sounds pretty lit right, like that sounded like a movie tag line. Okay sorry focus up...
My daily design quest was stirred by an eclectic mix of haunted Starbucks the surreal charm of Online Ceramics, and the undeniable greatness of Henry Johnson. These inspirations gave me the push, the urge to embrace the weird core of fashion. I'm glad I hopped into it, so far I'm kinda poppin off.  What started as a t-shirt extravaganza quickly evolved into a full-blown wardrobe wonderland, featuring bikinis, jerseys, pants, and even a backpack (because, why not?).
Every day, I pour a piece of my soul into these designs, turning them into a tapestry of my life’s tales. They’ve become a diary, albeit a highly unconventional one, chronicling my adventures in the Phettaverse and beyond. From the chuckles at a punk rock bee’s mosh pit antics to the philosophical musings of a cosmic therapist, each piece of apparel captures a fragment of this wild ride.
As the days roll on, a dream simmers on the horizon - the dream of custom cut items. Imagine a world where my designs aren't just splashed onto fabric, but are the fabric itself, crafted with the meticulousness of a chess master plotting his next move. This isn't just about fashion; it’s about art, expression, and breaking free from the print-on-demand chains that bind my creativity.
It turns out, embarking on this daily design endeavor has been like injecting a shot of espresso straight into my creative veins. Each morning, I wake up buzzing with ideas, eager to see what bizarre or brilliant concept will spill out of my brain and onto the digital canvas. It’s become my ritual, my creative calisthenics, if you will.
As I stand here, 20 days in, with the virtual fabric of countless designs beneath my fingertips, I can’t help but laugh at the fear that once held me back. This journey has been more than just about conquering design software or expanding my fashion portfolio; it’s been about discovery, about pushing boundaries, and most importantly, about having a heck of a lot of fun while doing it.
So, here’s to the weird, the wonderful, and the wildly wearable. May the Phettaverse continue to inspire, and may my daily design diary serve as a reminder that sometimes, the best way to face your fears is to wear them.
P.S.: For those eagerly awaiting the launch of custom cut masterpieces, stay tuned. The future is tailor-made, and it's looking fabulously Phetta-fantastic!
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