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FEB 19, 2024

Moongate: A gateway for "the Solana experience"

by Hh7A..KUG8, Jennifer Greg

Chill, I just found something cool ssshhhhhh! After Jupuary, it became undeniably evident on how intentional Solana blockchain is with validating the support of community members with regards to rewards and other valuable perks. Let's see how Moongate excels with this standard in implementing interchain operability.
I usually got a bit of an earful from top chads that were self-acclaimed maxis of other chains (honestly, it's usually the Eth guys) whenever we discussed Solana. And yes, self-acclaimed because what do you have to show minus the outrageous amount you pay for gas?
I’m talking to them ETH chads; I’ll be looking forward to thy lengthy explanations in the comment section.
Enough of the fun now and down to the business for today: MOONGATE 
Let's see how Moongate excels with this standard in implementing interchain operability.

“Moongate is a bridge between your Ethereum wallet and Solana. It lets you access Solana DApps and DeFi without leaving your familiar Ethereum environment.No new wallets, no downloads. Just connect your existing MetaMask, Coinbase, Ledger, or any WalletConnect wallet and instantly use Solana DApps.” 

- Moongate FAQ
Interoperability has always been one of my biggest flexes in this space, it’s so cool to think about especially because I grew up in an area where we were allowed access to every home in the community, and that meant access to lots of extra snacks and candies and ooo boy! What else could any child have asked for? Even the older generation would agree that variety is the spice of life.
In this case, Ethereum users are given the chance to experience the spice of Solana by simply interacting with the ecosystem through Moongate: BRIDGE EVM TO SOLANA
Thanks to Moongate, EVM chainoors are able to position for upcoming airdrops on Solana ecosystem like:
  • Jupiter
  • Kamino Finance
  • Meteora, amonsgt others.
With Moongate you do not need to create a new wallet, here’s a 25secs comprehensive tutorial on how to use Moongate: 
If you are new and would like to get started on Solana, here’s an Intro by Phantom: Beginner’s guide to Solana • Phantom
Well then! Thanks for reading and see you again.
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