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MAR 11, 2024

The Airdrop Pandemic: A guide to making $500-$1000 from airdrops

by Hh7A..KUG8, Jennifer Greg

After Jupuary, everyone suddenly became an airdrop analyst and you wouldn't necessarily blame them, besides it's crypto and we move with trend. But very few can distinguish the noise from real, here's 3 airdrops that are sure to cook and most probably your favorite influencer doesn't know about.
It’s an airdrop pandemic these days and don’t get me wrong, it is not necessarily a bad thing but what bothers me is that some projects have now used it as some sort of “click-bait” or not …
Here I’ll be listing a few ongoing campaigns for confirmed airdrops, if you have absolutely $0 then this is for you, and by $0 I mean at least $5 that would serve for gas fees.
  1. $ULTC Airdrop:
$ULTC, the exclusive governance token within the Ultiverse ecosystem, embodies the circulating value within Ultiverse ecosystem. With a limited supply and emission schedule, $ULTC is not just a token but a reflection of the ecosystem's health and growth.”
$ULTC distribution
$ULTC distribution
Read more: HERE
Why is it worth your time? Binance Labs invested in them.
How to Participate:
  • Login HERE, CODE: 3842d2ec7683
  • Fix your details and bind your socials and wallet.
  • Go to mission runner and complete available missions.
  • Go to ULTIPILPOT, CODE: 0kuAe 
  • Need more codes? HERE
  • Choose your agent characters and mint.
  • Begin exploring spaces to earn points and Soul points.
  1. 2. $Arc Airdrop:
$SOUL Drop Campaign for Carv, $SOUL to be converted to $Arc at launch.
How to Participate:
  1. 3. StarryNift
  • Login HERE
  • Mint your citizen pass.
  • Go to Earn, complete tasks and collect gems.
  • Participate in galxe campaign with other projects.
That’s all there is for now! See you next time.
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