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FEB 8, 2024

The right Launchpad to 10x your investment portfolio

by Hh7A..KUG8, Jennifer Greg

Here’s a guide on how to make profitable investments in launchpads with upcoming IDO sales to look forward to.
POV: You never really got the hype behind launchpads and have failed to make profits from it.

Over 200x was made by individuals who participated in the $SVM IDO on Ape terminal, but the with no idea of how it works, what to look out for or into in these launchpads, one can certainly attain a height of crippling losses. 

Here’s a guide on how to make profitable investments in launchpads with upcoming IDO sales to look forward to.
The Idea behind launchpads is similar to crowdfunding, an analogy of how it works:

Project A is about launching a product that would be worth $10 per unit, but project A also need to target the right audience of investors and build trust while also growing their funding and gaining a strong foot in the market space. So, project A decides to carry out a crowdfunding (Launchpad in this case) in order to fulfill these points into achievements. The type of launchpad used depends on the choice of the project and it is directly related to the goals to be achieved by the project.

Common Types of Launchpad:
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering): Requires participants to get a project’s token in exchange for already established cryptocurrency like $BNB, $BTC or $ETH. An example of ICO platform is the pinksale platform. You can get Info on upcoming ICO events and other ICO platforms on
  • IDO (Initial Dex Offering): This type requires interaction with you, a smart contract and your wallet. It is usually carried out on decentralized platforms (exchanges) and usually do not require KYC but sometimes have other requirements like participation in governance and holding native tokens of DEX. E.g. Seedify, Apeterminal.
  • IEO (Initial Exchange offering): Similar to IDO’s but usually carried out on a crypto exchange platform and often requires KYC. E.g. Binance Launchpad.
Some major criteria’s I look into before investing in a launchpad:
  • Past Performance
  • Current narrative and trend in the crypto market
  • Security audit
Here’s some Launchpad with upcoming sales I’ll be participating in:
  • The ape terminal:  an average of 15x on ROI, with $BEFI.
Other’s you can look into:
  • DaoMaker
  • FjordFoundry
Hello, I’m Jen and I write informative contents that engages your audience and gives you target visibility.
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