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FEB 3, 2024

Airdrop Yield with $SAROS

by Liquidity Dojo

Tips on increasing your $SAROS on saros finance
The Solana ecosystem has had the best rally compared to other ecosystems, with series of airdrops attracting community members to the ecosystem, in turn boosting its security system and decentralisation. In the close of January, we had a drop in Saros finance, where it rewarded community members from the Solana ecosystem, the Viction ecosystem, and the Superteam contributors from 2000 Saros to 500000 Saros. This reward was a result of members performing on-chain or cross-chain wallet interactions (recall the previous article).
Now for this article I'll showing you how to increase your yield in Saros which might even position you for another airdrop, we'd be using the platform that owns the token, sarosfinance.
On the platform, there's:
  • The liquidity section: This where you add to liquidity pools and earn certain APR
  • The farm section: Here you stake liquidity pool tokens to earn multiple rewards. LPs like Saros-C98 (520%), Saros-USDC (668%), JUP-Saros (230%) and Saros-Wen (266%)
  • The stake section: in this sector, you stake tokens to earn multiple rewards; the larger your capital staked, the greater your rewards. While SAROS is currently the only token available to stake on this section, note that the APR is subject to change in future if team feels like, but it is currently sitting on a whopping 224.71% APR
  • The swap section (where you get to exchange one token for another, with little to no gas fee included).
Performing defi activities in any of these sections gives you a chance at eligibility for incentives if another wave of airdrops comes to the ecosystem.
For the purpose of this post, here's a video showing how to stake on Saros finance
To know more about this airdrop, visit the website 
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