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JAN 8, 2024

5 Crypto Predictions That Are Inevitable In 5 Years

by Fbsn..eYCt, Michaelo

I believe so much in the blockchain technology, crypto, web3  and all they promise to offer.
A decade ago , it was all like a joke and people called it a passing facade. Many thought it was another random bubble 
Though we're still scratching the surface of its potentials, I believe that in 5 years ;

1. Global adoption would have surpassed 20%

(Currently 3.9% of the global population)
The crypto space is rapidly evolving as we see so many innovations coming out  every day . These innovations when observed would reveal how developers have recently paved way for more global adoption .
One of these could be seen in the TON blockchain which was integrated into Telegram social app with the sole purpose of onboarding Telegram users (about +700Million users) thereby driving adoption 

2. Governments would  have adopted blockchain

Transparency is the golden feature of the blockchain technology as everything is made open source for everyone to see. This feature alone makes the technology so acceptable that only the devious and criminal people despise it  
Blockchain adoption in civic affairs like conducting elections is inevitable as we are starting to see more Pro-Bitcoin ; presidents , politicians , congressmen, lawmakers amidst the unreasonable ones  

3. Africa would top the global charts of blockchain adoption

(Asia is currently topping)
Africa is massively gaining awareness of blockchain technology and they are aggressively adopting it as many see it as a gateway to financial freedom .
This single ability of changing the financial status of people is why this technology is being adopted also in Asian countries like India, Singapore etc

4. Bitcoin transactions will surpass one million transactions a day

(Currently 482,557 transactions per day)
The Bitcoin network in my opinion is currently under-performant compared to other L1 blockchains like Ethereum, and Solana. This can be credited to the high transaction fees on the network 
But we are also seeing developments on the Bitcoin chain with the integration of Lightning Network which was supposed to improve the Bitcoin Network while making it acceptable and appealing for developers to build on
Also, the BRC-20 narrative which is supposed to blossom fully as we approach the peak of the bull market (2025). 

5 . Regulation of crypto by Government

Regulation of crypto is inevitable as the Bitcoin ETF approval approaches.
This is because the trad-fi institutions are coming in with their investors and regulation will provide a sort of clarity and conviction both for investors and developers

Why do I believe all these?

If all these spot Bitcoin ETFs are approved, we're going to see a massive injection of money, users, technology, workforce, innovation which would be so revolutionary that it will be hard to stop (even if government regulations come)
These are just my predictions which is backed up in-depth research 

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