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DEC 26, 2023

A 1000x Coin Most Crypto Traders Don't Know (Analysis)

by Fbsn..eYCt, Michaelo

Open article to discover this undervalued Gem



A virtualization and consensus framework that enables anyone to deploy a trusted code without the need for smart contracts, application specific side-chains or operating any complex infrastructure.

What they are trying to solve

Simplifying building of DApps and complex deployment of L2 applications while trying to unite decentralized innovations across different blockchains like L1 Cosmos, Polkadot,Ethereum and Bitcoin
Surprisingly , It has already done 100x from the date of my discovery which serves as a confirmation for my analysis . It is definitely going to a 1000x at the peak of this coming bull market
Date of discovery
Date of discovery
Current Price
Current Price


  • Omnichain
  • Interoperability
  • DePIN

Exchange listings

  • Uniswap,
  • Pancakeswap
  • AscendEx


  • Adoption of its User-friendly network
  • Attraction of developers due to developer-friendly network

Trading Info

  • Chain(s)         : ETH,BSC
  • Price                 : $0.008 (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • MC                     : $1.9M (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • FDV                   : $2.9M (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • 24H Vol         : $188k (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • Total Supply : 300M (as at the time of discovery & writing)
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