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DEC 13, 2023

An Undervalued Coin With 1000X Potential (A Gift)

by Fbsn..eYCt, Michaelo

A coin similar to $MUBI in utility and a potential like $ORDI

Token Name



A revolutionary (telegram bot) bridge that seamlessly scale transactions between ERC20 and BRC20 ecosystems using Zk-SNARKS proofs like ($MUBI)

What are they trying to solve?

To create an un-linkable easy-to-use path between ERC20 and BRC20 transactions while maintaining anonymity
Also building ordinals inscription bot and BRC20 wallet


  • BrC20 / Ordinals
  • ERC20/BRC20 Interoperability
  • Inscription bot
  • Telegram bot

Exchange Listings

Uniswap DEX


  • Adoption of Inscription bot
  • Adoption of BRC20 wallet
  • Adoption of Telegram bot bridge
  • CEX listings
  • Smart liquidity moving in

Trading info

Chain      :    ETH (BRC20 soon)
Price       :    $0.0037
MC         :    $3.7M
FDV        :    $3.7M
24H Vol   :   $1.2M
Total Supply   :    1Billion tokens
Do Your own research and don't take this analysis as a financial advice

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