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MAR 25, 2024

Chainlotto : An Emerging De-fi Lottery Platform By DITEX

by Fbsn..eYCt, Michaelo

A De-fi Lottery Platform With A High Win Rate
Winning a lottery just got easier and profitable with De-fi as you don't need to go through the hassles of ;
  • Rigorous registration process for a lottery ticket 
  • Transparency and honesty of the lottery admins
  • High cost of lottery tickets 
among other issues that are peculiar to traditional lotto companies
CHAINLOTTO, a De-fi lottery platform, offers you the opportunity to win up to 100k USDT in lottery with just a $10 ticket

But how easier does it get?

Well, it gets much easier as you could choose to buy the ticket in any cryptocurrency of your choice (on any chain)
Moreover, you could also earn by inviting your friends using its 3-level referral program
CHAINLOTTO is by far the best De-fi lottery platform because ;
  • Winners remain anonymous as no sign-up or registration is needed to participate. Just connect your wallet .
  • It's built with a smart contract on a very flexible blockchain (Polygon) with cheap gas fees .  
  • It uses Polygon Scan to allow transparency and open source viewing of transactions and payments .  
  • A user can earn referral rewards down to the 3rd downline using its 3-level referral program

But then, how can you win a lottery on CHAINLOTTO?

Simply ;
  • Visit
  • Click on " BUY TICKET NOW
  •  Connect wallet to lottery site
  • Select the number of tickets to buy with a minimum of $10 
  •  Approve transaction with approximately 0.01BNB for gas fees 
  •  Wait for the odds to be with you
<i>60% of Income goes to the prize pool</i>
<i>60% of Income goes to the prize pool</i>
CHAINLOTTO is built by DITEX, a revenue sharing platform that offers weekly ROI in LP tokens that are generated from multiple real-world businesses
Check out their website at

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