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JAN 18, 2024

$FACTR : A Token You Should Never Fade For This Bull-Market

by Fbsn..eYCt, Michaelo

Dive in for this detailed token analysis

Token Name : 

Defactor ($FACTR)

About It 

A project that provides a financial connection (bridge) between Real World Businesses(Assets), Traditional finance(Trad-fi) and Decentralized finance(De-fi) by simplifying and reducing the time to market for businesses to get started through the provision of De-fi liquidity that is backed up with real-world value
Defactor team
Defactor team

What Are They Trying To Solve ?

  • Providing real-world value for Trad-fi  businesses with De-fi liquidity 
  • Simplifying De-fi  for Trad-fi investors 
  • Fast-tracking Trad-fi business start-ups
  • Uniting the worlds of De-fi and Trad-fi

Partnerships : 

  • Algorand
  • Hauwei
  • Black Manta
  • 2Tokens
  • Defactor labs
  • Zaisan
  • Control Freight
  • Centrifuge

Narrative(s) :

  • Real World Assets

Exchange Listings :

  • Uniswap V3
  • MEXC
  • ProBit Global


  • Bitcoin Spot ETF
  • Real-World Adoption

Trading Info :

  • Chain(s)         : Polygon, ETH
  • Price                 : $0.04357  (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • MC                     : $5.2 million   (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • FDV                   : $14.1 million  (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • 24H Vol         : $244k  (as at the time of discovery & writing)
  • Total Supply : 300 million   (as at the time of discovery & writing)
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