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DEC 9, 2023

Dont miss those potential airdrops

by MrCrypto

Solana is the next airdrop season ! Lets dive in
Before diving in, if you're entirely new to Solana, make sure to download a Solana wallet first. This step is essential for accessing these projects.
We recommend using @phantom wallet for this.
Download here:

Project 1: Marginfi

@marginfi is a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol on Solana.
- Supply and borrow the supported tokens
- Stake any supported token to get $LST
Hold the position as long as you can. The longer you hold, the more points you will accumulate. More points = More Airdrop
You can swap back the $LST to your preferred token on @JupiterExchange

Project 2: Kamino Finance

@Kamino_Finance is a first-of-its-kind DeFi protocol that unifies Lending, Liquidity, and Leverage into a single, secure DeFi product suite.
- Supply and borrow the supported tokens
- Add liquidity
New point system coming soon!
Hold the position as long as you can. The longer you hold, the more points you will accumulate.  

Project 3: SolBlaze

@solblaze_org is a liquid staking protocol on Solana.
- Stake SOL to receive bSOL
- Use bSOL in different projects like @marginfi

Project 4: JPool

@JPoolSolana is a stake pool on the Solana blockchain network enabling safe, secure, high-yield rewards on your staked SOL.  
- Stake SOL to receive JSOL
You can either hold JSOL or use it to lend or add liquidity to various projects. 

  Project 5: Drift Protocol 

@DriftProtocol is a perpetual futures trading platform built on Solana.  
- Execute perpetual and spot trades, along with swaps.
- Explore lending, borrowing, and other features.  

Project 6: Amulet

@AmuletProtocol is a decentralized risk protection protocol ("RPP") built for Rust-based ecosystems. 
  aUWT staking:  
- And deposit SOL to receive aUWT token
- Head over to "Boost aUWT" tab
- And stake aUWT to any listed project  
- And buy cover for the project you staked in.
- Stake SOL to receive amtSOL
- Deposit on "Liquidity mining" tab Claim referral
- Scroll down to "Referral Details"
- And register referrer with the below code Code: 0076076202836647440503585910158391025668074639811128450360466537107082589313056

Project 7: Zeta Markets

@ZetaMarkets is a decentralized Derivatives trading protocol built on the Solana blockchain.  
- Deposit USDC
- Execute perpetual trades  
The more trades you execute, the more Z-Score you'll earn.
More Z-Score = More Airdrop

Project 8: Mayan

@MayanFinance is a cross-chain swap bridge between EVM and Solana, powered by @wormholecrypto.  
- Bridge funds between Solana and EVM  

Project 9: Phoenix

@PhoenixTrade is Solana's first limit order book DEX.  
- Execute trades
- Use both limit and market order  

Project 10: Bonfida | Solana Name Service

@bonfida is a Solana naming service, similar to ENS.  
- Go to:
- Get a .sol domain. 
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