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DEC 4, 2023

Making better investment decision in an uptrend market

by CNNX..BUD6, Olasuky

This is my first piece of content on Scribe. I'm glad to be part of Access Protocol Creators, which is a really great opportunity for me to create content that would help every reader.
Back to the topic:
The bull market is a time to build generational wealth, but some traders and investors still won't be profitable.
not understanding the narrative and catalyst
Buying when everyone is selling (the hype)
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To make the most of the bull market season, you need to know how to do some basic research, how to follow up on narratives, and the reason behind a token pump (catalyst).
Narratives are stories that describe a particular trend in the Defi ecosystem.
Catalysts are events or developments that have an impact on the Defi ecosystem.
Let's take a look at this current bear market.
Pepe brought back the narrative of "memecoins" after doing insane%.
We have also seen different pumps of some tokens following certain narratives—AI, GameFI, etc.
Also during the meta narrative, we saw the increase in value of a lot of metaverse projects.
A catalyst is more like a reason why people would want to invest in a particular project.
Narratives and catalysts work together.
- The story (trend)
- The hype (reason to buy)
A catalyst for a project can be:
* partnership
* upgrade
* CX listing
* new innovation
* new chain integration, etc.
Understanding this in the bull market will give you a winning edge over other investors.
So you study the market to find the current narrative.
Look for projects that fit into that narrative and explain why they are good buys, but it must be a good reason to invest.
Also, your entry level determines whether you are making a good investment.
So find a catalyst early, then sell the hype.
Or maybe it will be a very good long-term investment.
The current narrative I’m looking into
1. LSDfi:
2. RWA
4. New Layer 2 blockchain
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