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OCT 15, 2023

Can a Bull Bench Press?

by ParaBullStar

Introducing a bull to the market requires not just a strategic mindset but also a commitment to keep that bull healthy and robust—literally and metaphorically. My journey, embarking through the realms of finance, art, and human connection, has always been akin to that of a bull—bold, assertive, and unyielding. Yet, when the universe handed me a wheelchair, it also gifted me new scenes and perspect
Imagine, if you will, a bull performing a bench press. Can you visualize it? Me, ParaBullStar, embodying the bull, pectoral muscles tense, gripping the barbell, fighting for each repetition as a bull would charge at a red cape. It's an imagery I didn’t know I needed until the moment I tried it.
Rewinding a bit: settling into a wheelchair brought forth a moment where the continuation of my "bull-like" life was pondered. While I hadn’t previously placed great value on maintaining physical condition, I’ve come to understand a bull needs its muscles, not only in the market but in the physical world to support both mental and physical wellbeing, and to infuse power into every day.
Now, let’s venture back to the gym: Have you ever experienced that moment when you witness in your reflection not just a bull charging through the crypto markets but also one that pumps iron like there’s no tomorrow? It's empowering! With each kilogram lifted, my muscles burgeon, and my mind sharpens.
To those doubting the efficacy of training in a wheelchair: it is not only possible but is far from awaiting doom—it’s clinging to life, competing against yourself, and above all, it’s a battle! I’ve morphed into Bull 2.0; swifter on wheels, nimble in mind, and—believe it or not—stronger than ever.
And to those who perceive merely a wheelchair when they gaze upon me, their sight is misguided. For sandwiched between that wheelchair and gym top is a bull, charging forth from one place to another, muscle to muscle, crafting each day into a masterpiece.
Regarding my training, it’s a little bit of everything: strength, endurance, flexibility. And no, it’s not all about the bench press, even though I adore that clichéd exercise and the ensuing pumped sensation! Or should I say, the ‘bullish’ feeling?
In the future, I plan to share more moments from my training and perhaps even show you how a bull truly trains at the gym. But until then, load up the barbell, and let’s charge towards even more bullish days!
So, as I queried: can a bull bench press? Can you envision a bull doing more than just charging through the financial markets? I can. I do. And frankly, it’s pretty bullish.
ParaBullStar 🐂💪🚀
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