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JAN 5, 2024


by Bryan smith

Beaver Man and the Drought
In the heart of a lush forest, there was a beaver named Benny, but he was no ordinary beaver. He was known as the Beaver Man because of his extraordinary abilities and strength. The forest had always been green and full of life until one year, a severe drought hit. The rivers dried up, trees withered, and the animals were in despair. Crime became rampant as survival instincts kicked in; animals stole from each other to survive. But not Benny; he believed in hard work and integrity. Benny didn’t lose hope; he remembered the ancient tales of a hidden lake deep within the forest that never dried up. Every day, under the scorching sun, while others resorted to crime for survival, Benny worked tirelessly digging through the earth searching for this mystical lake. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months but Beaver Man didn’t give up. His unwavering spirit became an inspiration to some who started joining him in his quest rather than stealing from others. One fine day after months of relentless effort amidst adversity and crime-ridden surroundings - success! Beaver Man’s paws touched moist soil; they had found the hidden lake! Water flowed back into the rivers; greenery sprouted instantly turning crime-infested grounds into lands of hope again. Animals who had resorted to crime realized their folly - they were still thirsty despite their stolen wealth while those who worked hard with Benny enjoyed abundance.
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