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FEB 18, 2024

Don't Fall For The Crypto Lies. Pro TIP

by ElOgiso

People in crypto lie to themselves.
let me go even further in depth from my previous article.
Short-term traders who are trying to get in and out of the market like myself, we play around with the market from 3 months to 6 months and ideally our long-term vision is no more than 1 or 2 years. But people who say they have longer-term goals and compounding and want to hold for much longer than you are on an entire different playing field.
I always say this in all of my Scribes & binance Square content, people in crypto lie to themselves.
People say that they are a long-term holder and they want to wait as many years as possible as long as they know, hey, oh, I can wait a couple of years and don't worry about it, just let my money sit.
But the second the market crashes in 1 day or 2 weeks or even 1 month or 2 months, where is the long-term vision? Where is the 5-year game plan? Where is the 10-year game plan you were just talking about? Everybody in this industry, in this crypto space lies to themselves.
The long-term traders are not actually long-term traders either because, well, why is short-term price action making you so worried and you are worried about what's going on in the market? You would not waste any amount of time commenting on anybody's articles or watching lives and Binance Square or trying to understand where the market is going.
If you have a set goal, yeah, I'm willing to wait 5 years, 10 years, no problem. But hey, that's why I have my own set of goals, my own strategy that's helped me because I used to also have the long-term goal game plan, but I only kept losing and losing and losing.
Oh, I believe in this crypto for this many years. Anytime the market goes down, I kept buying. People forget I've been in crypto for 10 years.
I am a short-term trader, so I focus on short-term goals and a long-term vision, but my long-term is not the same as your long-term.
I preach honesty, transparency, and allow people to understand that the market is corrupt. The market is manipulated. You will lose if you're not prepared.
Let's give an example. The people who had long-term vision goals for crypto, who wanted to hold on forever, who had their money in a crypto or an exchange, in this example, we can use FTX.
Well, everybody who had money in FTX with a long-term vision, where's your money now? Everybody who believed in Luna, who had a long-term vision, yeah, I'm going to buy UST.
I'm going to get the Luna tether crypto that's pegged to a dollar when it's not really, and then it went to zero.
Where was the long-term vision then? There wasn't.
You all got wrecked.
People who have long-term goals, asides from Bitcoin and Ethereum, you're going to lose, and it happens every five years. Every five years, there's a new set of cryptocurrencies that people are talking about.
But hey, keep compounding. Keep having a long-term goal. Good for you. My page isn't for people like you.
Not financial advice. I only preach transparency, and honestly, truthful crypto content on this page.
I'm not an optimistic individual.
I'm a realistic trader with realistic expectations, which is why my win rate is so much higher than most people you see talk about crypto.
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