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MAR 7, 2024



When Erryone's Jawin' 'Bout It. If it's all over your feeds and the streets can't stop yappin', it's time to dip. The real loot's made in the quiet, not the choir. That's the word on the street for catchin' the fade before the narrative dips. Stay sharp, play smart, and keep hustlin'. Peace!
Spillin' the tea on how to spot when the narrative's 'bout to hit the bricks, ya feel me? This ain't no kiddie pool talk; we're swingin' in the deep end, talkin' 'bout that real, real - how to know when to bounce before the party turns lame.
1. Errybody and Their Momma Talkin' 'Bout It
First up, when you hear errybody from the block to the 'gram chattin' 'bout the same ol' narrative, that's your cue, fam. It's like, when the whole squad's talkin' 'bout the same gig, you know it's 'bout to blow over. The real dough's made in the shadows, playa, not in the spotlight where erryone's already throwin' their two cents.
2. The Price Ain't Poppin' No More
Next, peep the scene when the price starts actin' all lazy, like it can't be bothered to hit new highs. Say last week it was all hype, jumping 30%, but now? It's barely nudging 5%. That's the market tellin' you, "Yo, we tired, fam." It's like the energy's drained, and nobody's got the juice to push it further.
3. The Volume's Dippin'
Aight, when the volume starts to dip, it's like the crowd at the party's gettin' thin. That's the universe hollerin' at you, saying the interest is cooling off. Maybe the smart money's peacin' out, lookin' for fresher beats elsewhere. Keep your eyes peeled for where the next move's at; that's where you wanna be, not last year's news.
4. Big-Time Frame Chart Flippin' Scripts
Lastly, when the big-time frame chart starts switchin' up, goin' from all bullish to bearish, that's the signal right there. It's like the chart's tellin' you, "Change of scenery, homie." You see a trendline break or some head and shoulder action, and it's like, "Aight, bet, time to pivot."
So there you have it, folks - the down-low on spotting when to jet before the narrative crashes. Keep these gems close, and you'll be dodging bullets like Neo in no time. Stay smart, stay hustlin', and always, always keep your ears to the streets.
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