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DEC 3, 2023

MIRACLE CARDS - a dream becomes reality

by Crossbow

A new NFTs card game. Collect more than 100 new NFT cards. The launch of the collection is scheduled for Q2 2024
An RPG with game master, made entirely for lovers of role-playing games. In this game you will create your own story, you will only have to rely on the dice. Fate depends on luck. The basic package includes 100 NFT cards in development. As the game takes hold there will be expansions with 50/60 additional cards, new monsters, new dungeons, new items that can be equipped....
This game will unite NFT-loving collectors and roleplayers around the world.
The cards will be "produced" in English and it is not certain that a physical version will also be released with the purchase of special NFTs.
There will be different rarities of cards, from Common to Ultimate.
Our heroes will also have unique perks and rare equipment.
I would like to rely on Sketch to mine this collection and make the game accessible to the many people on the ACS server, maybe attract new ones. So that with my pool I could even give away the playing cards as NFTs, give away the legendary ones as prizes and also give away the physical version.
Maybe one day all this will be possible...
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