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FEB 22, 2024

My First Solana D(rug)

by SolRush94

Oh, Solana. What a place to be! An absolute rollercoaster of a blockchain that tests you time and again. Dive into my (hopefully) relatable and intoxicating first-time experience with Sol NFTs.
October 2021 was when I had first bought into crypto. A complete noob, who had hopes of retiring his lower middle-class family by "investing" into risky assets that pay back in multifold. EzPz. Bought BTC, ETH, SHIB & DOGE (Great diversification, right?)  and expected things to start mooning the very next day. And it did! By a staggering 30%! I thought I'd 'HODL' my bag to the moon, only to realize that 'up only' doesn't exist in crypto either. That's when it all started going downhill. Ofcourse, I was bagholding.
Cut to Jan 2022, I heard about Solana and I started researching about Sol NFTs. Super fast and cheap transactions, reasonable mint prices, collections minting by the minute - What could possibly go wrong?! 
I started my research on Google, not knowing that CT & discord existed for NFTs. Came across this glorious project Lunaroid that would be minting in a week's time. "8888 roids roaming the blockchain. Join the metaverse" Metaverse - My eyes lit up! Mint this experience for just 2 Sol (1 Sol=$150). Bit too steep, but scared money never makes any money. Right? Right?!
So I did and guess what - I decided to double down on my "conviction play" and bought the dip at 1.6 Sol. Wife had lent me $150, thought I'd gift her a vacation in return. Silly me.
Can you guess what happened next? You know it. The dev rugged. He managed to cut supply and sell it for 2 sol a piece. How much did he make, you ask? Do the math. He obviously was never to be seen of or heard from. But there's a good chance he's reading this right now, or is simply planning his next rug. After buying into countless projects and constantly changing my PFP over the past 2 years, I have decided to keep this Lunaroid as my permanent PFP. It's meant to keep me grounded and always remind me where I started from.
Paid for this lesson in sol and soul. Learnt a lot. While I'm nowhere near my target net worth, I'm confident that experiences like these in the last 2 years will mean something to all of us and propel us to where we deserve to be.
Let's make the most of the upcoming bull and hopefully give our loved ones a glimpse of early retirement. Wishing you all the love and luck.
Solfully yours,
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