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NOV 30, 2023


by Crossbow

The world of NFTs is declining but artists are holding on
We know and have always known. Sooner or later it would happen. The magical world of collectible NFTs is now losing its way. 
People now always want something in return, underestimating the artistic side of projects. In most cases it is the projects that keep up with public opinion.
Many have turned to offering rewards in exchange for ownership of NFTs images. Others give tokens in exchange, still others give channel subscriptions or VIP benefits. 
No, we NFT artists are not like that. Whether you like our project or not, we continue to create our art, undermine it by spending money on fees or giving away our art. We are stubborn, tenacious and full of inventiveness but we don't give up. Let's go on our way. And this is what sets us apart from the crowd. Creating NFTs isn't just about selling and making money. It's expressing yourself in what you want to be and believing strongly in what you do!
Crossbow handmade paint. 2023
Crossbow handmade paint. 2023
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