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DEC 9, 2023

Splinterlands Battle Challenge with Weak Magic

by lifeskillstv

Splinterlands on of the best card battle game on hive blockchain. This week BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge is Weak Magic.
This challenge is easy and also requires some basic understanding of cards used in battle. In this ruleset magic hits armor first before hitting health. Add another layer of Protection to extend the life of your units. Shatter or Pierce any armor your opponent dares place. As in this battle Monsters with magic and malee attack are very helpful so I decided to use some strong malee attack monsters with high health. In this battle used "Haunted Spirit" as tank card having 8 health with heal / magic reflect ability with some extra ability like thorn. This thorn ability adds on every friendly monster. In this battle I used two scavenger ability cards and one snipe / sneak and heal ability card. This battle was low mana 33 so I decided to use some strong back line cards.  
This battle was death vs death summoners.  
This battle was death vs death summoners.  
 As battle was low mana so I decided to use some extra abilities cards and also try to fill all spots. I decided to use some strong back line cards having snipe and sneak ability. I used "Haunted Spirit" as tank with 3 malee attack, 8 health and heal / magic reflect ability. On 2nd position I used "Riftwing" no attack and 6 health with scavenger and backfire ability. On 3rd position I used "Dwarven Wizard" one magic attack and 3 health with snipe ability. On 4th position I used "Sand Worm" 6 malee attack and 6 health with sneak ability. On 2nd last position I used Uraeus 2 malee attack and 3 health with sneak and poison ability. On last position I used Gelatinous Cube no attack and 12 health with scavenger and heal ability. I am very happy with my team and if my tank card survives then my other cards will destroy the enemy team monsters.  
 My strategy failed in this battle as my monster card combination was not that good. Our today's battle challenge with "Weak Magic" was not completed successfully. In this battle my enemy brought a strong magic attack death team with better card placement. The enemy monster card eliminate my monster card with massive magic attack and my defensive approach in this battle was not worked.
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