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MAR 13, 2024


by Ejhq..4ETY

Preserving Economic Sovereignty
vGLD is a community driven gold and crypto reserve that offers various self custodial tools and AI data driven trading strategies to its community. 
We explore the revolutionary concept of self custodial p2p digital transfers of physical gold; Combining the value of precious metals with the efficiency of blockchain technology and the significance of providing physical redemption, ensuring tangible value for users.
Our physical gold is sourced by Refined Enterprises LLC, a Gold Exploration and Aquisition Company with mineral rights to numerous claims in Central & Northern Arizona that leverages blockchain technology to enhance transparency, efficiency, and security in its operations.
The company's innovative approach combines the traditional mining industry with the decentralized nature of blockchain, revolutionizing industry standards and how logistics are conducted in metals markets worldwide. 
With a team of experienced geologists, metallurgists, blockchain developers, financial analysts and community team, we aim to transform the industry by addressing critical challenges such as data accuracy, logistics, self custody and security. 

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