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DEC 24, 2023

Analyzing MUBI's Recent Market Dynamics: Investment Insights and Trends

by Hx6J..jK9W, Tarek On-Chain

Mubi, Crypto, Bull Run, BRC20, Bridge
🌐 Following the significant surge that the currency experienced recently πŸ“ˆ, the price underwent a correction of approximately 40% from its peak of $0.38. πŸ“‰ Is the currency still a good investment option⁉️
πŸ” Observing the smart money wallets holding this currency, there's a continued increase in both the number of these wallets and the quantity of currency they hold. 🌐 The total count of wallets has reached 61, with 3 of them holding more than a million dollars πŸ’² in their balance.
🌐 Profit-taking after the recent rise is a natural phenomenon, as there have been significant selling activities in the past few days.
🌐 However, in the last 24 hours, the buying value of the currency was around $700,000 πŸ’² compared to $300,000 πŸ’² in selling, indicating sustained interest in this project.
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