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JAN 25, 2024

Bitcoin's Next Leap: Unveiling the 2024-2025 Price Revolution Post-Halving

by Hx6J..jK9W, Tarek On-Chain

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What heights might Bitcoin reach in the years 2024-2025? Will it set new records? When is the anticipated start of the next bull run?
To answer these, let's delve into the historical price patterns of Bitcoin, particularly around its halving events. Here's a breakdown:
  1. First Halving (28-11-2012): A year prior to this event, Bitcoin was modestly priced at $2.48. As the market turned bullish, it climbed to $12.20 at the halving and continued its ascent. A year later, it peaked at $1,131.
  2. Second Halving: Before this halving, Bitcoin had fallen to $269 but rebounded to $650 by the time of the event. It kept soaring for about a year post-halving, reaching an impressive $2,518.
  3. Third Halving: The cycle repeated, with Bitcoin dropping to $7,255 before the third halving. It then modestly rose to $8,762 at the halving and significantly surged to $56,615 a year after.
The fourth halving is expected in April this year in the current cycle. A year before this date (April 2023), Bitcoin had an uptick to $31,000. This suggests a strong likelihood of a substantial rise post the fourth halving, potentially lasting till April-August 2025 and surpassing the previous high of $69,000.
Key Takeaway: Bitcoin's price behavior shows remarkable consistency around each halving. It gradually begins to rise a year before the halving and continues for 12-16 months post-halving, reaching new peaks before entering a bearish phase.
For long-term investors, these patterns are crucial. The peak for this cycle might be between April - August 2025. It would be strategic to start exiting the market gradually at this point.
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