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APR 2, 2024

Closed Alpha Launch is LIVE

by Irathy, Web3 Music by Irathy

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The EntertainM Closed Alpha launch marks the beginning of an exciting journey into a new digital ecosystem, where users are empowered to engage, earn rewards, and shape the future of entertainment.
In this article, we delve into the key components of the Closed Alpha Launch, including the Referral and Social Engagement Program, mID creation and mPoints.

Closed Alpha Launch

The Closed Alpha phase signifies an exclusive opportunity for invited users to explore and interact with EntertainM's innovative platform earlier than anyone else.
Currently, access is limited to community members, partner projects, and ambassadors.
However, in the spirit of inclusivity, invite codes will be gradually shared in the comments section of our posts during the initial weeks.

mID Creation: Your Identity in the EntertainM Ecosystem

Central to the EntertainM experience is the creation of your mID, a digital identity that encapsulates your journey within the ecosystem. Your mID provides a centralized view of your activities and balances across various projects within EntertainM. This includes your wallets, $m tokens, mPoints, and titles.
Moreover, your mID is interoperable and multi-chain, ensuring seamless integration across EntertainM's suite of (upcoming) applications.
To complete your onboarding and take advantage of all that our platform has to offer, check out the tutorial here.

Referral Program and Social Engagement

The closed alpha launch introduces a referral and social engagement program designed to incentivize users to invite others to the platform and spread the word on X.
Users can generate their unique referral codes from the “Earn Points” page and invite others to join EntertainM.
Successful invites result in rewards for both the referrer and the invitee, fostering strong community relationships and organic growth.
The referral program offers various benefits, including mPoints, XP, and milestone bonuses, encouraging active participation and engagement.
Start now! Here's a code: NROBD

Earn mPoints

EntertainM's unique approach involves rewarding users with points, a dynamic system that amplifies the value of online interactions. mPoints serve as a catalyst for engagement, motivating users to participate in activities that contribute to the ecosystem's growth.
As users accumulate points, they gain eligibility for $m token airdrops.
Besides that, being in the top 500 provides a chance to become WHITELISTED to create your own TRIBE!

TRIBES: Building Communities, Unlocking Opportunities

TRIBES enable the creation of on chain communities that facilitate the collective farming of $m Tokens and boost it across our Ecosystem dApps.

Creators can use it to provide entertainment and earn funds for their initiatives.

*The Tribes function on all our apps. This means if you join a Tribe on EntertainM, you will be a part of that Tribe in 4clubs, in HypeRoom and in Bleetz, which are our upcoming apps.
TRIBE LEADERS play a pivotal role in driving community engagement and innovation, receiving discounts, token airdrops, and a percentage of ETH from total volume generated by their TRIBE’s trading activities.
Read more about Tribes here.

The EntertainM Closed Alpha launch represents a significant milestone in the evolution of digital entertainment.

Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of entertainment together.
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